Chef Aprons & Bartender Aprons

Our SaleAprons are never featured more than in the catering industry. Being a handy place for chefs and bartenders to hold some of their toold whilst also looking great to customers, aprons are something that every restaurant and bar should consider adopting. In some of the highest quality restaurants, these are a necessity for cleanliness and ensuring the customers see staff in the best light at all times. With many different patterns and colours available, you can also make sure that your staff are sporting your company colours for a real put-together look.

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Bib apron

Bib aprons offer chefs and catering staff full frontal protection. This second layer could prevent hot splashes from burning the chef. These can be easily washed to get rid of dirt and grease, waterproof versions are also available for a wipe-down surface.

Waist Apron

Waist aprons similarly provide protection but are much less cumbersome and are more suited to customer facing staff. Choosing a style with a pocket can allow your staff members to store their tools so that they have quick and easy access to valuable equipment.