Glassware Cleaning

Our SaleThese bar cleaning chemicals have been selected to ensure that your glasses and beer line are clean and you are serving your customers the best versions of your drinks possible. By maintaining cleanliness is a bar you can ensure that drinks don't go flat before theyre meant to and that your customers don't receive glasses with lipstick still on them.

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Quash Pre-Wash Grease & Lipstick Remover Concentrate & Sponge Refill pack

  • 2 x 1L bottles of Quash® Concentrate
  • 4 x Sponges.
Brand: Proton
£22.03 Was £27.78

Quash Pre-Wash Grease & Lipstick Remover Concentrate Refill pack 1L

A 1L bottle of Quash® Concentrate for people who already have the tray and sponges. Safe, non-hazardous, simple and hygienic to use.
Brand: Proton
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Quash Pre-Wash Grease & Lipstick Remover Intro pack

  • 1 x Applicator and sponge
  • 1 x 500ml bottle of Quash® Concentrate
  • 1 x Measuring cup.
Brand: Proton
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Renovate Glass Restorer Powder 2.5KG

2.5kg tub of Proton Renovate glassware restorer.
Brand: Proton
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Beer Line Cleaning

Beer line cleaner is required in every bar to ensure that you are not breaking the food and beverage laws by serving your customers unclean drinks. Build ups in the line from drinks can also eat through your bar lines and potentially block them up. By regularly using a beer line cleaner you can prevent this from happening.

Glass Cleaning

Making sure that the glasses you serve are clean is imperative to the reputation of your establishment. If grease is allowed to build up on glasses then it can cause drinks that are served in them to go flat meaning that all the hard work you put in to serving the drink has gone to waste, and your customers are left unhappy.