Barware & Equipment


All types of drinking glasses that will make your cocktails glisten, your beer sparkle and your champagne fizz. This range of catering glass ware has been specially selected to fully stock your bar up with everything that you will need to make the perfect serve.

Bar Equipment & Cocktail Equipment

Bar equipment that will assist you in creating the perfect pour. From essentials like bottle openers to crucial time saving equipment like our precise measured speed pourers. This equipment will act like an extra person behind the bar.

Bar Service

Serve your drinks to the highest standards and keep your bar looking tidy. Display what's on tap with our bar signs and increase your staff efficiency with non-slip bar trays. Why not try our selection of eco-friendly paper straws?

Bar Appliances & Accessories

From cellar equipment to bar fridges, drinks blenders to bar stools - our range of bar accessories includes all of the essentials to keep your bar running to its full potential. Minimise waste and save valuable time with our specially selected bar appliances and accessories.