Are you ready for the Rio 2016 Olympics?

With the Rio Olympics hitting our screens this year, there is nothing more exciting than the crowds of supporters, eager to watch and cheer their favourite athletes. Being a substantial distance from the sunny beaches of the Copacabana, the unpredictable British summers might make it difficult for athlete enthusiasts to get into the Brazilian spirit. However, your venue can take simple yet tasteful steps with hospitality marketing and presentation products, to create the atmosphere of the carnival crazy country, to benefit both you and your customers.

Rio Olympics brazilian

The most obvious change you can make to conjure up a Brazilian mood is your menu. Take inspiration from the cuisine and integrate Brazilian tastes and dishes to your food. Perhaps incorporate more barbecued meats, rice and beans. Furthermore, you might want to introduce popular dishes such as Salgadinhos (similar to Spanish tapas) and Moqueca (Fish stew with tomato, onion and coriander), to excite your diners taste buds. Additionally, whilst enjoying a cold beer, you could offer your guests some treats, such as fried Brazilian snacks consisting of either cheese, mince or fish fillings. Salt cod Bolinhos or Coxinha’s (shredded chicken with potato) could go down a treat with an ice cold Brahma alongside the women’s 3000m steeplechase.

Rio Olympics Cahipirinha
Add a hint of paradise to your drinks list with Caipirinhas and Caipifrutas. Add Cachaça and Rum to your shopping list, alongside pineapple, mango, banana and papaya to create that authentic Brazilian taste. For those who are slightly more health conscious, why not flaunt the super food, Açaí. Delicious in health smoothies, or in a sorbet topped with granola and banana, this super fruit could be a healthy alternative whilst enjoying the Rio Olympic games.

Rio Olympics sports

Decorate your venue subtly and tastefully with various Brazilian plants or flowers such as the Diplandenia (Brazilian Jasmine Vine), Criesea, Bromeliad or even the Flaming Sword Plant, whose yellow flower and green leaves resemble the colours of the Brazilian flag. Switch your soundtrack to the Samba and Bossa Nova and audibly transport your guests to the Rio life. Perhaps even look to Dj Giles Peterson for inspiration on the more funky and chilled out tracks in Brazilian music.

Finally, do not forget to feature various Olympic competitions and offers to help bring a pull factor to your venue. Whether drink or food deals, be sure to highlight the celebration of the Olympics and how your customers can benefit. Lindo Maravilhoso!