Cocktail Trends of 2019

12th December 2018


With thousands of cocktail bars popping up all over the UK, cocktails were certainly a hot topic during 2018. With 2019 looming, what does the upcoming year have in store us? And more importantly, how can we get ahead of the curve?


Gin has been one of the main drinks of choice within recent years and is on the tip of the tongues of almost everyone! There is no way that this trend is stopping any time soon. With more mixers coming in to fashion. Perhaps you might try the 'butterfly pea flower tea' that Marriott International tips to have a breakthrough year? So you'd better stock up on your gin glasses!


The focus on sustainability within hospitality will continue through 2019. Don't expect to see many plastics, expect more sustainable ingredients being used. Particularly at festivals, you will be being asked to recycle all of your cocktail wastage - events should be offering eco friendly disposable cups and straws. This may go one step further in 2019 to re-use ingredients. Drying out unused fruit, turning old ingredients in to new elements will be the next challenge that bartenders will be rising to. Not only will this be beneficial to the environment, but profit margins will be increased in this increasingly competitive market.


With the younger generations opting more and more for alcohol free options, it is likely that we will be seeing bartenders reactions to this in the form of increased mocktail lists. Responsible drinking has been a huge trend in recent years and is set to continue, so you'd better start considering your offering to cater for this rising demand. Glassware will largely stay the same, so ensure that you have enough of your classic cocktail glassware such as martini and rocks glasses.

Back to Classics

Just like vinyl records, the classic are coming back within cocktails. Sugar is the number one public enemy at the moment, so expect many of the traditional savoury flavours to come back in full stride. Giving bartenders increased freedom to try new things, we will be seeing plenty of modern twists on old staples in 2019, including Infusions, fermentation, bitter and savoury flavours. The more adventurous bartenders are already experimenting with mild curry flavours within their cocktail collections.


Rum-based drinks are to become the order of the day. With the focus really shifting on rum in recent years, consumers are starting to realise that it really can be as good as Whisky. Perfect with bitters, fresh fruits, syrups and many other additions, rum really is a perfect cocktail base.