Menu Design


A menu is not simply a list of dishes you serve, especially not these days.

No… it has a purpose far greater than this. A menu is your number one sales’ tool. It is a place where you can showcase and rave about your cuisine and venue; a place where you can really name your territory in an industry that’s constantly at war.

In a marketplace where creating genial first impressions is absolutely vital, your graphic design must reflect your core values simply and effectively. Creative graphic design isn’t just about style and colouring: its a means of delivering the essence of your brand and communicating your marketing messages to the right people, in the best media, and at the right time. Right, left, right, left …it’s all about the strategy.


As a leading, industry-specific, creative graphic design & marketing agency, we promote our hotel and restaurant clients through corporate branding, logo design, web design and printed media.

All of these marketing elements are uniquely conceived (yes, they are ‘our babies’) by our professional in-house graphic designers. Our breadth of skills ensures that your communication is clear, consistent and evenly applied across all of your business material.

The first bite is with the eye so, with this in mind, a menu design will create an initial impression before the customer has even seen or tasted the food and drink on offer.

Smart Hospitality can produce the perfect menu for you, presented beautifully to entice your customers and enhance their dining experience. Whether you require a simple typography style menu or something more elaborate with backgrounds, special effects and photography, rest assured that we always ‘hit the nail on the head’ (often first time around as well).

As well as creating visually stunning graphics and tantalising typography styles, we understand the ‘science’ and the lessons of behavioural economics behind your menu design. Prominent item placing, bracketing, justification and buzz words are all extra elements we can look at to draw your customers to certain foods and drinks on your menu.