The Culinary Expansion of Festival Food Vans

When one thinks of food vans, images conjure of hot dogs and burgers soaked in helpings of fried onions and gravy, washed down with lashings of cheap lager. However, something amazing has happened to the festival food world. Type “Festival food van” into your trusty search engine and a plethora of food choices will appear on your screen. From raw vegan food trucks to wood fired pizza buses and bespoke pale ales – the options are now limitless.

festival pop up restaurant small

Having an indulgent selection of food can not only be beneficial to the festival goer, but also to many independent business holders. Numerous small restaurants invest in food vans and stalls for the summer embarking on foodie quests across the UKs many festivals, allowing them to grow in notoriety and expand their customer base.

festival goers pop up restaurant small

Despite costing thousands of pounds to set up a pitch, many vendors exceed this cost and make quite a handsome profit. Furthermore, with the right marketing equipment, such as posters, banners and A Boards, you can allow your van to stand out from the crowd and attract a wealth of customers. The idea of serving great innovative food, promoting your business and being surrounded by great music is surely an opportunity no one, with the correct resources, should turn down.

festival food pop up restaurant small

What’s more, vendors can enjoy serving good food, merry people and listening to amazing live music at some of the UK’s best festivals. From Glastonbury to Green Man, food vans are an essential part to a festival, so why miss out on a great opportunity?

As for the noble festival attendee, perhaps the days of the humble burger van are long gone and a fresh new world of hand pulled espressos and katsu curry must now be accepted. Not a bad thing, I suppose!