The (In-Depth) Look - Bonded Leather

30th October 2018

Bonded leather is a material of much luxury. This impressive leather is made from 85% recycled leather taken from off cuts during the tanning process. This makes bonded leather an eco-conscious choice whilst retaining the luxury look, feel and smell of genuine leather.

Available through Smart in many different colours and grains this is a very versatile material for covering any of your bespoke items. Known to be used in bookbinding, hang tags and luxury packaging, the bonded leather material that we use is extremely durable and attractive.

Hint: This material looks particularly good when printed on with a foil stamp - consider this for your logo.

See the below videos of each type of bonded leather where you will be able to see all of the colours that are available with and also get a really good understanding on how they look and may feel. So when choosing your personalised bonded leather menu covers, you know exactly what to expect.


Elda is a slightly grained leather that is great for a refined look.


Safia has much more of a grain to it and is a popular choice for a more rustic style.


Cervo bonded leather has an extremely natural grain which is in between Elda and Safia in terms of grain depth.


Corral is one of the more grainy bonded leather materials with a much more worn look to it, which really shows how leather only gets better with age!


Palma has a very small grain which looks very realistic.