The (In-Depth) Look - Croco Pellaq

22nd October 2018

With a unique effect reminiscent of an expensive and exotic crocodile leather, this covering material gives you the incredible look of such materials, without the expense and keeping your eco-conscious clear.  The gloss finish is not only incredibly modern looking, but comes in a wide range of colours and is scratch resistant.

The material is made from FSC certified paper which is saturated in latex to create a really durable structure, which is finishes with an acrylic coating. This gives it its lightweight, yet sturdy make up. Adding the acrylic to this base makes an attractive material that is perfect for covering menu covers, bill presenters, order pads and any other high use, bespoke product within the hospitality industry. The material has been used frequently for clothing tags, carrier bags and stationery of all kinds, giving context to how well regarded this material really is.

In the video you will see a range of the stunning colours Croco Pellaq is available in along with its unique texture. This material holds a foil really well and is highly recommended for this personalisation method.

Material thickness - 0.24mm

Material weight - 200 g/m 2