The (In-depth) Look - Carbon X

1st October 2018

With an authentic look of the woven carbon fibres often seen on sports equipment and vehicles such as F1 Cars and racing bicycles as a lightweight alternative to aluminium. Because of its qualities, it is even used in aeronautics and satellites. But, with the looks of an incredibly well made piece of engineering, our carbon X material gives the appearance of carbon without the extreme expense.  

Made from a latex saturated paper and then coated with acrylic, our Carbon-X material is an excellent covering material for menu covers. The latex and acrylic give the paper the strength it needs to be used within a high use industry. This material is also known to be used for carrier bags, premium and luxury packaging items such as jewellery boxes, so the quality and strength is as incredible as its unique looks.

Grey and black are the most commonly seen carbon fibre colours, but, as we are only imitating carbon fibre, we are able to offer more interesting colours that can work with more venue styles. Why not try gold, or even purple?

In the below videos, you will be able to see the high quality texture and shine that has been applied to this material. These qualities help the materials imitate carbon fibre closely, and give a great effect for your Carbon menu covers, bill presenter, or any other bespoke items that you choose from Smart Hospitality Supplies.

Grey - CCX3300

Black - CCX3301

Gold - CCX3302

Green - CCX3303

Purple - CCX3304

Maroon - CCX3305

Blue - CCX3306

Material thickness - 0.27mm

Material weight - 185 g/m 2