What's Next After Prosecco and Gin?

15th May 2019


Prosecco and gin seem to be all the rage these days! However, we suspect the day will soon come where 'the next big thing' will be gracing our bar tops and cocktail lists. Read on below to get ahead of the trends by serving new and refreshing cocktails made from the following beverages:


This sparkling French wine is a natural prosecco successor. Crémant is a sparkling wine which is made using a champagne method. Often made with a low alcohol content, this could satisfy the recent trend of low ABV drinks. Good news - crémant is normally a lot cheaper than champagne but many believe that it is just as delicious!

If you're a wine drinker who likes the occasional tipple of champagne or prosecco, this might be your dream drink. It even uses a lot of the same grapes as the ones used in wine. Tell your friends about crémant, serve it in a champagne glass and make yourself look like a trendsetter!


Okay, so the rum trend has been progressing for a while now. But, it is sure to get bigger. Expect to see bars filling up with almost as many different varieties of rum as they have gins. When the cocktail trends are going towards spices and savoury flavours, it is clear to see why rum is tipped to get the edge over gin. Where sugar tax is in, sugary flavours are out!

Depending on how you are serving your rum, you might opt for many different glasses. Why not re-use your gin glasses for more elaborate rum based cocktails?


With botanical flavours on the rise, this fortified wine flavoured with botanicals is a sure hit. We've seen Negroni's get a lot of exposure in the past year and now is the time for bartenders to get the chance to experiment further with vermouth. For anyone who likes wine or prosecco, this is certainly one that you will be wanting to get on board with. Martini, short wine glasses and tumblers are the most fitting vessels for your brand new vermouth additions to your drinks menu.