Churchill Stonecast Crockery

churchill stonecast crockery

The Churchill Stonecast crockery collection has a unique rustic charm. Everything from the Stonecast coupe bowl, Stonecast cappuccino cup, Stonecast teapot to the classic Stonecast coupe plate is loved all around the world and has been perfected since the company's inception in 1795. This is a Vitrified China dinner set of the highest quality. We stock the majority of the Churchill china ranges, so have a look here for more ideas.

Churchill Stonecast

In creating the Stonecast range, Churchill were inspired by the changing seasons. Each item in this range is individually hand painted, so no one Stonecast plate will look the same. A golden brown band and fine speckles cast on a colourwash background is how to tell this quality range apart from the rest. The range comes in the stunning colours:

  • Duck Egg Blue
  • Peppercorn Grey
  • Cornflower Blue
  • Nutmeg Cream
  • Barley White
  • Spiced Orange
  • Mustard Seed Yellow
  • Berry Red
  • Burnished Green
  • Antique Taupe
  • Iron Black
  • Vintage Copper

As this is such a popular range Churchill are continually expanding this range, and at Smart Hospitality Supplies, we are some of the first suppliers to offer it to our clients.

Cups & Saucers

The range of China Cups goes from small Stonecast espresso cups, cappuccino cups, tea cups and mugs. Each with an ideal saucer available. Serve your hot beverages with the correct cup style to give your customers a quality café experience. The difference between the different cup and saucers is the size, espresso cups are 10cl / 3.5oz, cappuccino cups are 34cl / 12oz and could also be used as teacups, and coffee mugs are 34cl / 12oz. Ideal sizes for perfect portions.

Plates, Dishes and Bowls

There is a varied assortment of plates and bowls in the Churchill Stonecast dinner set along with many different sizes, allowing you to present you starters, mains, dessert and appetisers exactly the way you want to. The coupe plates in this range are round plates. The more traditional, circular shape combined with the hand painted, rustic finish leads to a very balanced style, fitting well with any scene. There is also a natural shape called 'organic'. This is a slightly off-round shape and is perfect for adding some edginess whilst retaining the size and space of the plate. This option is perfect for bringing out the handmade elements in the plate. The Triangle dishes are exactly as the name suggests. This extremely modern looking set is great for bringing vibrancies out in salads, desserts and other foods. Finally, the oblong and oval plates are great at keeping food neat whilst retaining the unstable, handcrafted elements.

Teapots and Side Dish Pots

Two different pots for two very different uses - the Stonecast beverage pot and the plant pot. The Beverage pots, more commonly known as teapots are a great addition to your tea set. Adding a bit of vibrancy or rusticity to the centre of the table, these tea pots are sure to be a hit with your diners. Although, plant pots don't sound like they should be in a restaurant, Churchill has created a stunning way of bringing some of the garden feelings inside by creating a side dish pot in the shape of a plant pot. Perfect for chips, onion rings and all other sides.


The Churchill Stonecast dinner set is really all about originality and individuality. Having painted each item by hand, they have achieved a stunning set with rustic, yet professional qualities. The quality of Churchill's crockery is well known, but this range is super vitrified and is such high quality that the majority of the items on this list are covered by a 5-year edge chip guarantee. So improve your dinner set with this incredibly different set of tableware.