Environmental Policy

At The Smart Marketing Group the main environmental impacts arise from paper use, electricity, some water use, print equipment, cleaning chemicals, printing inks and printing toner useage.

The Smart Marketing & Media Group Limited, and its staff, seek to minimise the impact to the environment as a result of undertaking day-to-day duties. In order to achieve this objective, we commit to:

  • Minimising waste production;
  • Re-using materials such as packaging materials, wherever possible;
  • Recycling materials wherever possible, including paper, cardboard, waste ink, ink vessels, and electronic equipment;
  • Source environmentally aware suppliers, in particular paper products sourced from sustainable forestry;
  • Using energy suppliers who obtain energy from renewable sources;
  • Specifically commit to reducing energy usage in the offices by switching off electrical and IT equipment when not in use;
  • Communicate electronically wherever possible, using paper and other hard media only where necessary;
  • Minimise travel by undertaking meetings by telephone where possible;
  • Communicate and educate employees of the content of this environmental policy
  • Continual monitoring of methods used and identifying new methods with less environmental impact; and
  • Prevent pollution by using appropriate waste disposal routes.

This Environmental Policy will be annually updated and will be made available to all interested parties.

Date: January 2011

The Smart Marketing & Media Group Limited are registered on the Green Achievers Scheme for business.

Useful Information: Environment Agency - http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/