Whisks & Mashers

Using the right whisk for your needs will save you time and effort. In a fast-paced kitchen environment it is essential that you have the tools to make your whipped cream, smoothies and soups quickly and effectively. Within our Whisks and Mashers section you will find specially selected items that will make the process much easier for you. Whether you prefer mechanical whippers or manual whisks, you will find everything you need here. Smart Hospitality Supplies are a team of professionals that understand the hospitality environment inside out - so not only can we offer you the best prices, we can make finding the right solutions much easier for you. See all of our utensils within our Kitchen Utensils page.

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Manual whisks are often preferred in the kitchen due to their remarkable ability to inject more air in to food, making them lighter. Manual versions can be quite labour intensive which is why we have carefully selected some of the most intuitively designed products, making whipping much easier and efficient for you. Being small, these utensils are great space savers in smaller kitchens.

Our mechanical whippers make whipping quicker and easier. These whippers use gas to force your liquid through its shears which creates whipped cream in the blink of an eye. Mechanical whippers are the ultimate tool for fuss-free and speedy whipping.


Mashers and ricers take the effort out of your food preparation whilst saving you time. These priceless utensils create light and fluffy mash in minimal time. For a commercial kitchen, these are essential to speedy food preparation and, ultimately, profits. Mashers allow you to have complete control over the texture you create with your mash, whilst ricers create fine textures in a quick and fluid motion.