Children's Tableware

Our SaleMaking eating fun for kids can be half the battle. This range of Children's Tableware is sure to add to the excitement and help them finish their plates. Our Children's Tableware also avoids any accidents from occurring and is virtually indestructible. Everything about this range is designed for children's use. If you are looking for plastic tableware for more general use then see our Melamine Tableware section.

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Bowls, Plates, Cups

Melamine tableware is great for kid's use. allowing for fun designs whilst also being virtually unbreakable. These characteristics make these plates, bowls and cups the ideal solution for a family restaurant. Our children's tableware includes Ellie the Elephant, Parker Pig and Toby Turtle plates that will make children want to finish their meals to see who's lurking behind!

Sauce Dispensers

These fun squeeze bottle sauce dispensers are also shaped in fun ways for kids to enjoy. Making it easy to get the sauce out whilst adding to the enjoyment with a bit of fun. These sauce bottles are also made of plastic which means no breakages if anything is dropped.

Children's Knives and Forks

Cutlery sets that will make children excited to eat. Having been designed for use by Children, this cutlery is extra safe and should avoid many accidents from occurring. The mainly plastic make up also makes this cutlery extremely light and easy to hold.