Cellar Chemicals

Our SaleMake sure that you are stocked up on the essential cleaning chemicals. Featuring everything you will need to maintain your whole restaurant, bar, cellar, kitchen and rest rooms. This list is one of the most comprehensive and economical that you will find to ensure the cleanliness of your whole establishment.

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Sparkler and Nozzle Cleaner

  • 50 x Low chlorine sanitising tablets.
  • 1 x Cleaning brush for ingrained deposits and fixed spouts.
  • 1 x Cleaning Tub and Lid
Brand: Proton
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Washing Up liquids

Hand washing liquids are designed for sink cleaning. Ensuring your crockery and kitchenware items are clean whilst not being too harsh on your hands. Detergent manufacturers chosen by Smart are chosen for their results and longevity. By going that little bit further, the savings are with you as you will not need to buy your detergents as frequently.

Washing Machine Chemicals

Washing machine chemicals are designed to ensure that your crockery and glasses are clean whilst being friendly to your machine. With many specialised chemicals to choose from, you will be able to get exactly the results you want. Specialised stain chemicals, glass shiners and rinse chemicals are all available to choose from.

Toilet Cleaners

Clean toilets are the true test of every restaurant, bar and hotel's worth. Ensuring that these are cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals is a must for your establishments credibility. Using the right anti-bacterial chemicals and toilet de-scalers can make this an easy task that is quickly dealt with in your daily routine.

Beer Line Cleaning

Beer line cleaner is required in every bar to ensure that you are not breaking the food and beverage laws by serving your customers unclean drinks. Build ups in the line from drinks can also eat through your bar lines and potentially block them up. By regularly using a beer line cleaner you can prevent this from happening.

Oven and Grill Cleaners

After a busy day in the kitchen, ovens and grills can be the hardest part of the kitchen clean down. Using a trusted Oven and grill cleaner and de-greasers, you can get great results with minimal effort. At Smart Hospitality Supplies, we choose some of the best brands for this cause to make our customers lives easier.