Oil & Vinegar Bottles

Oil & Vinegar bottles are essential for restaurants. Not only do they look elegant on the table but they provide diners with easy access to the condiments they need without over burdening your staff. Oil and vinegar normally come in huge containers to to have smaller dispensers to fill and put on the table is really the only way of serving these condiments to your guests. Some of the products in this list come with matching salt and pepper shakers which will allow you to make a uniformed setting on your tables.

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Oil bottle

A glass oil bottle tends to be quite thin allowing your customers to see the colour and clarity of the oil. It can give off a classic Italian feel to a restaurant table. To a kitchen, it allows a chef to pour more freely without having to lift large bottles every time, or to create more decorative features with the oil. Choosing a quality oil bottle will ensure that the lid doesn't come off and spoil your guests dinner.

Vinegar Bottles

A dedicated vinegar bottle has a thinner and shorter spout for smaller measures. Typically, for balsamic vinegar, use oil and vinegar bottles, but for thinner vinegars, such as malt vinegar, use a dedicated bottle.