Spirit Measures & Brackets

Our SaleEverything you will need for your spirits and liquers are in this list. Choose from the best thimble spirit measures, champagne stoppers, spirit shalf brackets and wall mounted spirit measures. These items are absolute essentials for running a functioning bar to ensure that your clients can see what you have to offer, you accurately pour the legal amount and you can preserve your drinks appropriately.

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Spirit Measures

Measuring spirits isn't only necessary for bar tenders, it is a requirement by law. Ensure that you are measuring the correct amount with a thimble or wall mounted spirit measure. Whilst thimbles can add a bit of flair to your drink mixing, wall mounted versions can make the process quicker and easier.

Champagne Stoppers

Ensure the bubbly lasts with this range of champagne and wine stoppers. Whilst it can be hard to re-cork a bottle, these stoppers make it easy to close and open a bottle that has already been popped.

Shelf Optic Brackets

Display your spirits where your guests can easily see what you have to offer with these spirit and optic brackets. These brackets can prominently display your spirits whilst adding an optic which will make it quick and easy to serve a measured pour.