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Cocktail Napkin will add elegance and practicality.

If you’re looking for an easy and practical way to add a touch of sophistication to your next cocktail party or bar setting, consider investing in high-quality cocktail napkins. Not only are they functional items on hand, but they can also be an affordable and straightforward way to elevate restaurants and party atmospheres.

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Fasana Cocktail Napkins White 250mm

SKU: CK881
Availability: Next Day
£18.30 ex VAT
Pack Size 1500
£18.30 ex VAT



Cocktail Napkins Black 250mm

SKU: CB666
Availability: 15/05/2023
£27.44 ex VAT
Pack Size 2000
£27.44 ex VAT



Dunisoft Premium 20cm Cocktail/Canape Napkin Black with Dispensers

SKU: CY528
Availability: Discontinued
Pack Size 1200

200x200mm. 24×50 napkin dispensers (1200 napkin total)

200x200mm. 24x50 napkin dispensers (1200 napkin total)

Fiesta White Cocktail Napkin 250mm pack of 2000

SKU: CM560
Availability: Awaiting Stock
Pack Size 2000

1 ply. 1/4 fold

1 ply. 1/4 fold

Dunisoft Premium 20cm Cocktail/Canape Napkin White

SKU: CY525
Availability: Awaiting Stock
Pack Size 2880



Dunisoft Premium 20cm Cocktail/Canape Napkin Black

SKU: CY526
Availability: Next Day
Pack Size 2880



What are cocktail napkins, and are they necessary?

Cocktail napkins serve a variety of functions. They protect surfaces from spills and condensation, wipe up crumbs or food debris, and provide a hygienic way for guests to handle their drinks and food. Cocktail napkins can be decorative, adding colour, texture, and style to a table setting.

What material is best for napkins?

One of the essential aspects of cocktail napkins is the material they're made from. 

High-quality napkins should be soft, absorbent, and durable enough to withstand multiple uses. Some popular materials for cocktail napkins include linen, cotton, and paper.

What are the different designs of napkins?

Cocktail napkins come in various designs, from classic and simple details to bold and colourful ones. When selecting a plain, consider the overall aesthetic of your entertaining space or the theme of your event.

Simple designs are more flexible.

Simple designs for cocktail napkins are often the best choice for a few reasons. First and foremost, they can be more versatile and adaptable to different events and themes. For example, a plain white or black napkin can be used for formal occasions.

Another advantage of simple designs is that they are distinct from the overall aesthetic of your establishment or the event you're hosting. If your restaurant or bar has a specific colour scheme or theme, a simple napkin design can complement that aesthetic without being overwhelming.

Simple designs are less likely to become dated or fall out of fashion. While bold and trendy designs may be eye-catching at the moment, they can quickly become outdated and lose their appeal. Simple designs are timeless and can remain in style for years.

What size napkins do you need for cocktails?

Different occasions and settings call for different sizes of napkins, and having a range of sizes on hand can ensure you're prepared for any situation.

Standard cocktail napkins are typically around 10cm x 10cm, ideal for serving drinks or small snacks. Oversized napkins are also available in sizes such as 20cm x 20cm and 25cm x 25cm. These large napkins are perfect for serving food or as a decorative element on the table.

The larger 20cm x 20cm napkins are a great all-around option, suitable for use with cocktails, appetisers, and desserts. They provide more surface area for wiping up spills or crumbs and can also be used to wrap cutlery or to create attractive folded designs on the table.

The even larger 25cm x 25cm napkins are perfect for more substantial meals, such as dinners or banquets. They offer ample coverage for larger plates and provide guests with plenty of space to wipe their hands and faces.

Having a variety of sizes of cocktail napkins on hand ensures that you're prepared for any occasion, whether it's a small gathering or a large-scale event. Consider the type of food and drinks you'll be serving, as well as the overall aesthetic of your establishment when choosing the size of your napkins.

Storing your Napkins correctly can help with convenience.

Convenience is vital to cocktail napkins, especially in a commercial setting. When serving drinks or food, time is important, and quick and easy access to napkins is necessary.

Are they easy to store and access? Are they dispensed in a way that makes them accessible to customers without cluttering the bar or table? These are factors to consider when selecting cocktail napkins.

You want your staff to grab napkins quickly when needed without interrupting their workflow or having to search for them. Customers should be able to access them easily, whether by having them on the table, near the bar, or in a dispenser that's easy to locate.

By selecting easy napkins to store, access, and dispense, you can create a more efficient and enjoyable experience for your staff and customers.

How many cocktail napkins do I need for 30 guests?

When determining how many cocktail napkins you need for a gathering, it's essential to consider several factors, including the length of the event, the number of guests, and the type of food and drinks being served.

Having at least two to three cocktail napkins per guest is a good idea. For 30 guests, you would need approximately 60 to 90 napkins.

It's always a good idea to have extra napkins on hand, just in case. If you're serving messy or saucy foods, or if the event is expected to last several hours, consider increasing the number of available napkins.

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