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Improving Hospitality Services with Extension Leads

In the world of hospitality, delivering exceptional services and ensuring guest satisfaction is paramount. One often overlooked aspect is the reliable availability of power sources.

By providing accessible power outlets, hotels can significantly enhance guest convenience, productivity, personal comfort, safety, and future-proof facilities.

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Status Timer Switch

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Plug In

Plug In

Extension Lead 4 Way Multi Socket

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2 metre cable. 13 Amp

2 metre cable. 13 Amp

Status 5m Extension Lead

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5 metre cable. 10 Amp

5 metre cable. 10 Amp

Why do you need extension leads in hospitality?

Extension leads are indispensable tools in the hospitality industry.

Extension leads offer flexibility and convenience, from powering electronic devices in hotel rooms to facilitating outdoor events and setups.

By understanding the components and functionality of extension leads, including cable reel versions and plug configurations, hospitality professionals can make informed decisions to enhance their power infrastructure.

Tailoring extension leads for Hospitality settings

Cable Length

Cable length and configuration play an essential role in hospitality settings.

Determine the optimal cable lengths required for various areas within the establishment, such as guest rooms, common areas, event spaces, and outdoor areas.

Multiple sockets

Consider extension leads with multiple sockets, offering the versatility to power numerous devices simultaneously.

Timer Switch

A status timer switch, also known as a programmable timer switch or a digital timer switch, is a device used to control the timing and operation of electrical appliances or devices.

It allows you to set specific on and off times for connected devices, providing automated control and energy-saving benefits.

Which brand of lead should you choose?

Opt for a reputable label that focuses on safety and durability.

Look for brands prioritising safety features like surge protection and circuit breakage.

Status is a reliable brand.

Reliable brands such as the ones we sell (Status) offer cable reels & extension leads that meet industry standards and certifications, ensuring compliance with electrical regulations.

What extension leads are best for my specific venue?

Guest rooms and amenities

In guest rooms, extension leads provide guests convenient access to power sources.

Consider cable reels that promote cable management, preventing tangled wires and ensuring a neat and organised environment.

Strategically place extension leads near organised tables, workstations, and vanity areas for maximum guest convenience.

Outdoor events and dining areas

Extension leads are essential for hotels and restaurants with outdoor event spaces or al fresco dining areas.

Choose weatherproof leads for outdoor and garden use, protecting against water ingress and other outdoor elements.

This allows for a seamless delivery of power supply to lighting setups, sound systems, and outdoor equipment, creating a comfortable and memorable ambience for guests.

What are the benefits of using an extension lead?

Efficient operations and event setups

From setting up temporary bars and food stations to powering audiovisual equipment during conferences and events, they ensure smooth operations without compromising the guest experience.

Ensuring guest safety and satisfaction

Prioritising guest safety is a cornerstone of hospitality. Educating staff about using and managing extensions prevents accidents and tripping hazards.

Conduct regular maintenance checks to identify any signs of wear or damage. You can create a secure environment that enhances guest satisfaction by prioritising safety.

Maximising staff productivity with an extension lead

Streamline workflows by powering multiple devices simultaneously, reducing downtime and improving the productivity of your staff.

What are the regulations on extension leads in the UK?

The United Kingdom regulates them by various standards and regulations to ensure consumer safety.

British Standard BS 1363 outlines plugs, socket outlets, and adapters requirements. The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 and the Plugs and Sockets Etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 establish safety standards and essential safety standards requirements for electrical equipment.

These regulations focus on insulation, protection against electric shock, and proper labelling.

What are the three rules for using extension leads?

Don't overload

Firstly, avoid overloading the lead by staying within its maximum load capacity. Connecting too many devices or appliances can lead to overheating and potential electrical fires.

Practice proper cable management.

Secondly, practice cable management by ensuring the lead is neatly organised and free from damage or entanglement. This helps minimises trips, falls, or cable damage.

Conduct Regular inspections

Lastly, conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the extension lead, checking for any signs of wear, loose connections, or damaged components.

Does an Extension Lead waste electricity?

They do not inherently waste electricity, but their usage patterns can impact energy consumption.

The main factors contributing to potential energy waste include the standby power consumption of devices plugged into the lead, voltage drops due to long cable lengths, and inefficient use of power strips.

To mitigate energy waste, it is essential to be mindful of standby power and unplug devices when not in use.

Proper load management is crucial to avoid overloading it and causing voltage drops.

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