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Pintinox Cutlery for Unforgettable Dining Moments

Pintinox Cutlery is the ultimate in sophistication and skilled craft. Pintinox offers an extensive selection of carefully designed, highly polished cutlery blends with new technologies with excellent quality and classic style, giving your hospitality table setting that extra special touch.

Pintinox Baguette Cutlery (5)

Pintinox Casali Cutlery (4)

Pintinox Stresa Cutlery (9)

Pintinox Baguette Cutlery (5)

Pintinox Casali Cutlery (4)

Pintinox Stresa Cutlery (9)

The Pintinox Cutlery range

Pintinox offers a comprehensive cutlery range that caters to every need and preference. With an extensive selection of knives, forks, spoons, and specialised utensils, Pintinox ensures you have the perfect tools to enhance your culinary creations.

Here is a list of their top ranges for your restaurant and cafe:

The Stresa Line: A class act in Dining

Crafted painstakingly with an eye for detail, each piece of cutlery sings a tale of timeless elegance. The Stresa Line feels at home in any meal setting, a beautiful blend of classic design jazzed up with a sprinkle of modern charm. Its clean, sleek lines and impeccable finish add a bit of luxury to every dining experience.

The Baguette Line: Where simplicity greets style

This line draws inspiration from a baguette's clean and straight forms, radiating a unique aesthetic that's both striking and understated. The slender handles and smooth, polished finish of each piece in the Baguette Line ooze effortless grace. Be it a leisurely brunch or a lavish dinner, the Baguette Line seamlessly infuses a pinch of contemporary flair into your table setting.

The Casali Line: Welcoming you with rustic warmth

Inspired by the tranquillity of the Italian countryside, this line is an authentic reflection of traditional Italian design. Handcrafted details like embossed patterns and textured handles give the Casali Line a touch of rustic beauty. The earthy hues and natural textures add rustic elegance to your dining table, creating an inviting and homely atmosphere for every meal.

A Commitment to quality

Pintinox's cutlery shines with the brand's unwavering commitment to superior standards. Each piece is crafted from excellent materials, such as high-grade stainless steel, reflecting the brand's meticulous attention to precision and craftsmanship.

This ensures the cutlery's durability and guarantees resistance to corrosion and easy maintenance. Pintinox delivers cutlery that surpasses form and function by combining time-honoured craft with cutting-edge technology.

Designed for a superior dining experience

Pintinox's cutlery is meticulously designed, keeping the modern epicure in mind. Each piece features innovative elements that enhance your dining experience and make it memorable. With handles developed for optimal comfort and control to razor-sharp blades that slice effortlessly through food.

What makes buying Pintinox from Smart Hospitality Supplies a great choice?

Pintinox caters to everyone, from skilled professional chefs to enthusiastic home cooks, offering a broad selection of thoughtfully designed cutlery that suits various needs. Standing firm on its promise of quality, innovative attributes, and extraordinary artistry, Pintinox has carved a niche at the industry's forefront, and we stock it on our website.

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