Desk Blotters & Desk Mats

Desk Blotters and Desk Mats: Enhancing Hotel Lobbies and Rooms

No matter how subtle, every detail contributes to guests’ overall ambience and satisfaction. High-quality Blotters and Mats hold significant potential in achieving this goal.

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Forest Conference Mat

Pack Size 1

The Forest conference mat is made from a contempary bark grained PU. With a stunning finish and range of colours,

Pellaq Desk Blotter

Pack Size 1

Pellaq Desk Blotter for your rooms or conference facilities. Pellaq Desk Blotters and Desk Pads are a stylish addition to

Buckram Desk Mat

Pack Size 1

Buckram Desk Mats and Desk Blotters can be made in any size, colour and specification. Buckram is a traditional covering

Vivella Desk Mats

Pack Size 1

Vivella Desk Mats to brighten up your desk space or conference rooms. Stunning Vivella Desk Mats are available in an

Bonded Leather Desk Blotter

Pack Size 1

Bonded Leather Desk Blotters can be made in either landscape or portrait orientation, and can be fully personalised with your

Stitched Hide Leather Desk Mat

Pack Size 1

Stitched Hide Leather Desk Mat is a very hard-wearing, durable desk mat, produced from a simulated hide and sewn all

Hydra Leather Desk Mat

Pack Size 1

Hydra Leather Desk Mat, this high quality desk mat is made from the finest soft-grained, recycled leather. Hand made in

Real Leather Desk Blotter

Pack Size 1

Real Leather Desk Blotter crafted from 100% genuine, untreated leather. These desk pads are hand-wrapped with genuine top grain leather

Small Black Oval Tray

SKU: CD166
Availability: Next Day
Original price was: £5.69.Current price is: £5.47. ex VAT
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Original price was: £5.69.Current price is: £5.47. ex VAT



Large Black Oval Tray

SKU: CD167
Availability: Discontinued
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Bamboo Hotel Welcome Tray

SKU: CL082
Availability: Next Day
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Original price was: £27.99.Current price is: £25.62. ex VAT

Size: 30mm(H) x 260mm(W) x 260mm(D). Material: Bamboo

Size: 30mm(H) x 260mm(W) x 260mm(D). Material: Bamboo

What is the purpose of Blotters and Mats?

Desk Mats provide a functional and stylish space for writing and using computer mice, while a Blotter is designed to hold a piece of paper for writing. They can be used in hotel lobbies or guest rooms to add a touch of elegance.

The guest's first impression

A Desk Blotter/Mat in hospitality is a welcoming centrepiece on reception desks. Its presence immediately communicates a sense of organisation, professionalism, and attention to detail to arriving guests.

Combining style and practicality

Blotters and Desk Mats are stylish accents and practical tools. The suitable materials and designs can complement the reception decor while offering a functional workspace.

Protecting Furniture and Enhancing Durability

Hotels experience a high volume of guests, leading to potential wear and tear on furniture. Introducing Blotters and Desk Mats is a protective barrier, preventing scratches, spills, and other damages. This translates to longer-lasting furniture and a reduction in maintenance costs.

Elevating Work and Relaxation

Whether guests travel for business or leisure, they appreciate a comfortable and organised workspace. A desk blotter provides a smooth writing surface, enhancing productivity, while a desk mat offers a soft and supportive platform for laptop use or reading. These subtle touches create an environment where guests can seamlessly transition between work and relaxation.

Customisation for Brand Identity

In hospitality, brand identity plays a crucial role. Consider customising Blotters and mats with your hotel's logo or emblem. This reinforces your brand and adds an exclusive touch to the guest experience. Customisation options allow you to tailor these accessories to fit your hotel's unique style.

Our options for custom Blotters

Real Leather

Our Real Leather custom desk blotter embodies the essence of timeless sophistication. Crafted from the finest leather, this option exudes luxury and elegance.

Bonded Leather

For those who appreciate the classic charm of leather, the Bonded Leather custom desk blotter is an excellent choice. Combining affordability with elegance, this option is crafted from leather fibres and synthetic fabrics.


Contemporary Elegance The Pellaq custom desk blotter is a fusion of contemporary elegance and functionality. Made from a unique synthetic material miming the look and feel of leather, Pellaq offers a smooth and uniform surface.

Our options for custom desk pads/mats

Stitched Hide

Timeless craftsmanship our Stitched Hide custom desk pad is a testament to timeless craftsmanship. Meticulously hand-stitched with attention to detail, this option exudes sophistication and elegance. Crafted from premium leather, it offers a smooth writing surface and a luxurious tactile experience. The bespoke nature of the stitched hide desk mat ensures that each piece is a work of art tailored to your preferences.


A splash of modernity for those who appreciate modern aesthetics, the Hydra custom desk mat is ideal. Inspired by the fluidity of water, this design adds a splash of colour and creativity to your workspace. The Hydra desk mat is available in a range of vibrant hues, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with your style. Its smooth surface provides a comfortable working area and adds a dynamic visual element to your desk.


Distinctive texture Buckram custom desk mas are about consistency and character. Crafted from high-quality materials, its unique texture not only elevates the appearance of your workspace but also offers a tactile experience that engages your senses. Whether you prefer a subtle earthy tone or a bolder shade, the Buckram desk mat is customisable to match your vision.


The Vivella custom desk mat perfectly balances elegance and functionality. Its minimalist design seamlessly integrates into various office settings, while the premium materials used ensure durability and longevity.

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