When it comes to designing menu covers, size does matter.

You must think carefully about what you will be displaying in your menus, whether you require a separate wine list and how you will want to print your menus in the future. It is factors such as these that will determine your paper size and in turn the size of your menu cover.

At Smart Hospitality we have a range of cutting knives at hand for the industry standard sizes. Most of our customers tend to order their menus to accommodate the following; A5, A4, ⅔ A4 slim, ½ A4 slim, A3 (generally for menu boards rather than covers) and either 22cm squared or 23cm squared. Other bespoke sizes are available upon request but please understand that there would be a charge involved for ordering the knives if we do not already stock them.

We make our products to hold the paper size that you choose

When it comes to ordering your menu covers or wine list covers, please ensure that you state the paper size of which you are printing on. We slightly oversize the boards so that the menu cards sit neatly inside.

The fixing mechanism that you choose to retain your menu may also determine the exact sizing of the boards.

Size Options