Bar Condiment Trays

Our SaleSmarts' bar accessories include all items that are a bartenders best friend! Bar shakers, lemon and lime condiment holders, bar caddies, speed rails and cocktail mixing tools. These bar items are designed to make the bartenders life easier and quicker whilst ensuring that your customers don't have to wait any longer than they need to. Everyone's a winner!

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Bar Shakers

Bar and cocktail shakers are used to mix beverages by shaking. Adding ice to the shaker allows for the drink to be cooled quickly before pouring. the bar shaker is an essential piece of equipment for a bar serving mixed drinks. The 3-piece-shaker set allows for a quick way of closing, shaking and straining whilst pouring to ensure the purest form of your drink.

Condiment Holders

A staple of every bar, the condiment holder contains your fruit slices and drink garnishes. These convenient items include removable dishes so that you can keep your fruit and garnishes in the fridge if needed.

Bar Caddies

A bar caddy is a tidy way of storing and displaying napkins, straws, picks and more in an "easy to take" way. Pop them on your bar and make accessories easy for you and your customers to take as necessary.

Bar Spoons

Bar spoons, including crushers, mashers and muddlers are a necessary tool for any cocktail bartender. Essential for mixing drinks and allowing for the full cocktail experience to come through in full force.

Bar Speed Rails

Allowing for convenient storage and access, speed rails are a great addition to a bar that requires quick access to many bottles. Along with the Save & Pour bottles, which you can fill with essential ingredients, the speed shelves become the master of tools. The Save & Pour bottles have a speed pourer on top which make for the quickest of bar services.