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Made with plant-based ingredients and featuring a neutral pH, this soap is tough on soiling yet gentle on hands. As such, it ensures effective cleaning without risk of harming or irritating skin.
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Made with vegetable-based detergents, this pH-neutral soap is tough on soiling yet gentle on skin. As such, it guarantees an effective clean without risk of harming or irritating hands.
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Within a hospitality environment, professional cleaning chemicals are a part of the everyday as an absolute essential in the upkeep of the venue. Everything from the chemicals that stop the floor from getting sticky to the laundry detergents that ensure the chef's uniforms are clean and on to the hand washes and surface cleaners that ensure that there is no cross contamination of food and drink.

Using the correct restaurant cleaning chemicals is not only imperative to the rules and regulations that assess your venues hygiene rating, but also informs your guests opinion of your venue. Your cleaning regime is arguably the most important and fundamental factor in keeping your customer for as long as possible, gaining positive feedback and in building loyalty.

Our hotel cleaning chemicals form a major part of our commercial cleaning supplies. These are selected by Smart Hospitality Supplies based on their popularity within the hospitality industry and their effectiveness in ensuring that hygiene standards are at a maximum. So when you are using Smart Hospitality Supplies, you can rest assured that you are using the most effective chemicals, tested within the industry for many years.

As cleaning supplies are consumable products, it is imperative that the prices are kept to a minimum. You don't want to be paying premium prices on products that you need to replace each week or month. In the interest of building long term relationships with our clients, we keep our prices as low as possible. This ensures that you are able to keep your venue clean and running for many years - hopefully reaping the benefits of Smart's unbeatable price points.