Food & Menu Concepts

A key element of your restaurant identity is the style of cuisine that you offer to your guests. Our Internationally aclaimed chefs and food stylists know what ingredients you need to succeed!

What is your theme? …Your speciality? What makes you different from all the other restaurants out there and what demographic of clientele are you trying to target?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself when putting together your menu…. if only it was that simple.

As we know, and more times often than not, restaurant owners and chefs find themselves in a bit of pickle when it comes to conceptualising their menu. Easily done. As a restaurateur, you want to please everyone and sometimes it’s hard to draw the line. The truth is, there’s no end of muddled menus out there, food bibles that just go on and on and on. Customers don’t want this. Not really. They want to be able to make a simple choice from a concise menu; a menu which is all about the quality of food, rather than the quantity of options.

If you feel your judgement has become somewhat clouded (or you simply don’t know where to start), then you have definitely come to the right place, read on…

What you need is an outsider’s perspective, someone with years of award-winning industry experience who is qualified to look at your menu objectively and someone who is highly talented and recognised in the food industry. Well, you need not look far because, at Smart Hospitality, we have ourselves’ an international, award-winning chef and food stylist working at the centre of our senior management team. You can find out more about our ‘prize (quite literally) possession’ by visiting our staffs’ bio page and take a look at Paul Devaney.

With a whole fleet of ex-chefs and foodie fanatics at the helm of our successful hospitality marketing company, we are able to offer a menu conceptualisation service like no other! We will kickstart the process by analysing what you currently have in place, what you actually want to achieve, where your strengths lie and who you are trying to pitch to. It’s important that we uncover what your target audience wants out of a dining experience within your area. Off the back of these findings, we will then plan your menu. That’s right, we’ll present you with a ready-to-go menu, along with cooking instructions for each dish, and an indication of how to present your food to your customers.

A well thought-out and constructed menu (and/or wine list) is one of the most important elements of your business and your identity. It has the potential to change your fortune from the very day it is implemented, as well as the capability to determine and set the precedence for your whole brand. When you strip back the values and silent codes of a true restaurateur, quality food and recipes ‘that work’ are at the heart of everything they do and why they do it.

Sometimes you just need a little redirection and refocus from someone who… totally gets it.