Stationery Design

How many business cards do you hand out on a weekly basis? Do you even have business cards?

What about your hotel room folders… do they include writing paper for your guests; writing paper that’s branded up with your venue’s logo and contact details (a letterhead so to speak). Restaurant receipts: how do they look? They are the one item that your customers will take with them when they leave of course. Hopefully the penny’s dropping…

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Basically, business stationery is a staple ingredient to any company’s marketing regime.  Especially those that deal direct with members of the public on a day-to-day basis and rely on customer service and good hospitality skills.

Paying attention to these finer details with professional stationery design will make your customers feel like you really care about your brand.

At Smart Hospitality Marketing, our team of highly skilled graphic designers can work with you on all of your company stationery needs. From business cards, to letterheads, compliment slips, bill receipts and order pads: everything we create is industry specific and targeted towards developing your brand throughout your venue.

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As a leading, industry-specific, creative graphic design & marketing agency, we promote our hotel and restaurant clients through corporate branding, logo design, web design and printed media.

All of these marketing elements are uniquely conceived (yes, they are ‘our babies’) by our professional in-house graphic designers. Our breadth of skills ensures that your communication is clear, consistent and evenly applied across all of your business material.

In a marketplace where creating genial first impressions is absolutely vital, your graphic design must reflect your core values simply and effectively. Creative graphic design isn’t just about style and colouring: its a means of delivering the essence of your brand and communicating your marketing messages to the right people, in the best media, and at the right time. Right, left, right, left …it’s all about the strategy.