Purchasing & Price Point Management

Extract cost, improve purchasing, educate staff, update systems & processes, this is the key to cooking up more profit.

After collectively working for over 100 years in the restaurant and hotel industry (as managers, marketeers, owners and chefs), coupled with our marketing and business analyst / consultancy acumen, it would be fair to say that we have indeed experienced our fair share of financial trials and tribulations.

We know all too well that it is incredibly difficult to keep tabs on your spending, your pricing and your profit margins when you are trying to operate and manage an entire venue and its staff. It’s near darn impossible! Even if you can just about keep a grip on the basic numbers, do you really have the time to analyse every single cost? And, as for suppliers, once you feel you’ve ‘found the one’, do you ever shop around for a better price or press for a discount on what you’re currently paying? Probably not – you’re too busy! There’s that next event that needs marketing, a wedding to cater for, staff illness, service training …the list is endless!

This is where working with Smart Hospitality can really make a difference. With our purchasing and price management service, we are able to offer an in-depth analysis of your business proceeses and pricing structures.

Are you buying your ingredients at the best possible price (without compromising quality) and are you purchasing these items in the most cost-effective quantities? These are just a couple of areas we could investigate for you, and offer solutions for. Other problem potentials could include food wastage; just how much stock are you throwing in the bin unnecessarily every day? Drinks – are there some lines which haven’t sold; why is this, and is there any way of recouping the costs? So many questions, so much to look at

The old saying ‘look after your pennies and they’ll turn into pounds’ is extremely relevant when it comes to running a successful venue.