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What Are Condiment Holders? A Guide for Hospitality Venues

What Are Condiment Holders? A Guide for Hospitality Venues - Smart Hospitality Supplies

Key Takeaways:

  1. Condiment Holders’ Vital Role: Essential for dining establishments, condiment holders simplify service and enhance customer satisfaction through efficient organisation and display.
  2. Material Variety: Explore wood for warmth, metal for modernity, and vibrant plastic for colour, each offering unique aesthetics and practical benefits.
  3. Personalisation Benefits: Customizing holders with logos enhances brand recognition and professionalism, contributing to a memorable dining experience and reinforcing brand identity.

Condiment holders are vital to any dining establishment, whether it is that humble café full of people, that intense restaurant where the servers are constantly running around, or that busy bar full of sports fans, a condiment caddy or table caddy can make all of that simpler and still preserve customer satisfaction. These holders come in different design configurations, from standard wood to more stylish metal caddies, and their central role consists of organising and displaying seasonings, napkins and cutlery. This blog will open the box of condiment holders, examining types and styles and how they are used to service the food experience of catering institutions.

What Are the Different Types of Condiment Holders?

Olympia Table Organiser

SKU: C159
Availability: Next Day
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Pack Size 0
Original price was: £6.99.Current price is: £5.18. ex VAT

135(H) x 200 x 130mm. Cruets not included

135(H) x 200 x 130mm. Cruets not included

Olympia Galvanised Condiment Table Tidy – Grey

SKU: GM296
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Original price was: £22.99.Current price is: £17.02. ex VAT

180(H) x 155(W) x 135(D)mm

180(H) x 155(W) x 135(D)mm

Wooden Bar Condiment Holder

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Available with a screen-printed logo on request.

Available with a screen-printed logo on request.

Olympia Wooden Condiment Tray

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Original price was: £22.79.Current price is: £16.87. ex VAT

Dimensions: 30(H)x 270(W)x 100(D)mm.

Dimensions: 30(H)x 270(W)x 100(D)mm.

Olympia Oak Printed Table Caddy

SKU: CN517
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Original price was: £24.89.Current price is: £18.42. ex VAT

135(H) x 230(W) x 145(D)mm

135(H) x 230(W) x 145(D)mm

Wooden Condiment Holders

A wooden condiment holder is attractive and possesses warmth and charm; therefore, most restaurants, pubs, and bars that aspire to offer a rustic environment will usually pick wood. Constructed from top-grade wood, these holders could serve an array of condiments, consisting of ketchup and mustard, just as well as salt and pepper. The natural grain and wood finish ensures this resource matches any decoration elegantly. Besides durability, this material’s strength is unbreakable and allows it to be used as long as possible.

Metal Condiment Caddies

Metal salt and pepper caddies are preferred for their outstanding esthetics, i.e., their gently curved, modern, and minimalist contours. The holders are developed explicitly for trendy restaurants and bars, generally shaped from stainless steel or aluminium, contributing to a stylish and hygienic solution for putting the accompaniment and cutlery. Among the satisfactions provided to users by metal trays are their compartments and slots built to provide storage space for sauce bottles, condiments, and utensils the users may require. The organisers and methodology in those trays have also been included in their sleekness.

Table Caddies with Different Colours

Condiment holders are available in various vibrant hues for establishments looking to add a pop of colour to their table settings. Whether bold red, calming blue, or earthy green, colourful caddies can complement the restaurant’s décor and theme while making it easily identifiable to diners. These holders often come in durable plastic or metal constructions, ensuring style and functionality.

Personalisation Options

Personalising condiment holders with your company name and logo is a fantastic way to add a touch of sophistication and brand identity to your dining establishment. By incorporating your unique branding elements onto the holders, you not only enhance the overall aesthetic of your tablescape but also leave a lasting impression on your diners.

Screen Printing

Screen printing offers a vibrant and durable option for customising condiment holders. This process involves transferring ink onto the surface through a mesh screen, creating a crisp and colourful print of your company name and logo. With screen printing, you can achieve a high level of detail and clarity, ensuring your branding stands out on every holder.


Engraving provides a timeless and elegant way to personalise condiment holders. A laser engraving machine etches your company name and logo onto the surface. This method offers a sophisticated finish that adds a touch of class to your tablescape, making a lasting impression on your customer base.

Benefits of Personalisation

Personalising condiment holders offers several benefits for your business:

  • Brand Recognition: Customised holders help reinforce your brand identity and promote recognition.
  • Professionalism: Personalisation adds a professional touch to your dining experience, elevating the overall ambience and leaving a positive impression on patrons.
  • Customisation: By incorporating your unique branding elements, you can tailor condiment holders to suit your establishment’s style and aesthetic, creating a cohesive and memorable dining environment.

Incorporating personalised condiment holders into your restaurant or bar enhances the visual appeal of your tablescape and reinforces your brand identity, making it a worthwhile investment for your establishment’s success.

What Are the Different Materials and Finishes?

Condiment holders are crafted from various materials, each offering its unique aesthetic and practical benefits.

  • Wood: Known for its natural beauty and warmth, wood is famous for condiment holders. Oak, pine, and bamboo are commonly used for durability and versatility. Wood can be stained, painted, or left untreated for a rustic look.
  • Metal: Stainless steel and aluminium are famous for their durability and sleek appearance. These are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for busy restaurant environments.
  • Plastic: Plastic condiment holders are lightweight, affordable, and available in various colours. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for casual dining establishments and outdoor events.

What Are Cruets – Are They Different Compared to a Holder?

Another name for a condiment set is “cruets.” Cruets typically consist of small containers or bottles containing oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, or other seasonings. These sets are often found in dining settings in restaurants or pubs, allowing diners to add flavourings to their food according to their preferences. The term “cruet” is derived from the Old French word “croust,” meaning “crust” or “fragment,” which originally referred to a small container for holding oil or vinegar. Today, cruets come in various designs, ranging from glass and ceramic to metal or even plastic, and they may be sold individually or as part of a matching set.

What Are the Different Styles and Designs?

Condiment holders come in various designs to suit different preferences and needs. Some common styles include:

  • Single Compartment Holders: Ideal for holding a single type of condiment or sauce, these holders are simple.
  • Multi-Compartment Caddies: These holders, created with multiple compartments or slots, can accommodate a variety of accompaniments, spices, and utensils.
  • Basket Style Holders: Resembling miniature baskets, these holders add a rustic touch to table settings and are perfect for serving bread rolls, napkins, and garnishes.
  • Tiered Holders: Featuring multiple tiers or levels, these holders maximise space while keeping condiments organised and easily accessible.
  • Menu Holders: Crafted to display your menus, these holders can display your dishes alongside your condiment selections.

Why Do Restaurants Leave Condiments Out? – Benefits

Customer Preference

Diners prefer ketchup, mustard, or hot sauce. Restaurants can customise their dishes by omitting these.


Placing condiments on the table saves time for both customers and servers. Customers can easily access them without waiting for a server to bring them, and servers don’t have to make additional trips to fulfil condiment requests.

Cost and Waste Reduction

Pre-portioning sauces into individual packets or containers can be more expensive and generate more waste compared to providing them in bulk containers on the table. Leaving them out allows for more efficient use of resources.

Enhanced Dining Experience

Having them readily available can enhance the dining experience by giving customers more control over their meals. It can also create a casual and relaxed atmosphere, especially in informal dining settings.

Cultural and Regional Preferences

In some cultures or regions, specific accompaniments are integral to the dining experience and are expected to be readily available without the need to request them separately.

Selecting the Ideal Condiment Holders: Key Considerations

  • Size and Capacity: Pick holders containing the condiments your customers will use for breakfast.
  • Durability: Pick materials built to last and withstand the recurrent cleaning.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Choose easy-to-clean and maintain, ensuring a sanitary service.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Pick holders that match your location design and theme, offering the right atmosphere.
  • Functionality: We recommend you prefer practical and user-friendly products with compartments and incorporations, making dining more interesting.

Get Condiment Holders at Smart Hospitality Supplies!

A good choice of flavourings will add points to any venue, whether it’s ketchup and mustard servers in a crowded burger place or high-quality sauces in a fine dining institution. Therefore, explore the options available across our stock and pick the best condiment holder for your eatery. At checkout, VAT will be included in the prices to show you the exact amount you must pay.