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Menu Holders for Sale - Smart Hospitality Supplies

If you own a bar, restaurant or café, menus are one of the first things your customers will see. Your menu should not only be professionally created and aligned with your brand, but they should also be shown correctly.

Menu Holders for Sale – Smart Hospitality Supplies

Menu Holders are intended to aid in the display of menus and special offers on table tops. Menu Holders are often constructed with acrylic and are double-sided, giving you an excellent opportunity for promotion.

If you currently use paper or card menus and are considering investing in menu holders for sale, we’ve detailed some reasons restaurant owners should use menu holders below.

Numbered Single Channel Metal Menu Holders

SKU: RS120
£3.55 ex VAT
Pack Size 1
£3.55 ex VAT

Metal Menu Holders that are numbered for your restaurant tables. These single channel metal menu holders come in a range

Wooden Block – Menu Holder

SKU: AB124
£7.75£9.00 ex VAT
Pack Size 1
£7.75£9.00 ex VAT

Wooden Block Menu Holders. Our wooden menu holder blocks add a rustic feel to any table top display. Wooden Block

Grip Metal Menu Holders

SKU: MG003
£6.40£7.65 ex VAT
Pack Size 1
£6.40£7.65 ex VAT

Grip Metal Menu Holders. These metal menu holders provide a small base manufactured from a high quality, stylish aluminium material.

Securit Acrylic Menu Holder With Wooden Frame A5

SKU: CE408
Availability: Next Day
£19.21 ex VAT
Pack Size 0
£19.21 ex VAT

A5. Portrait

A5. Portrait

Chalkboard Menu Boards – Menu Holder

SKU: AB085
£8.25 ex VAT
Pack Size
£8.25 ex VAT

Chalkboard Menu Boards with menu holder feature. Our chalkboard menu holders are a functional and stylish product that double up

Why you should of the Menu Holders

Restaurant owners commonly use menu holders, which are advantageous for several reasons. We’ve looked at some primary reasons why using these items in your restaurant is helpful.

Keeps your menus safe

Menu holders, as previously said, will protect your menus and prevent you from having to change them regularly. Drinks are frequently shared in restaurants, damaging paper or card menus quickly. When you have menu holders, your menus can be reused by consumers and are readily cleaned. By investing today, you can save a significant amount of money.

Showcase special offers

Acrylic menu holders are an excellent way to display menus and special deals. Again, they may assist in reducing the wear and tear on your paper menus while ensuring that all guests know what you offer. Using menu holders can also call attention to special offers, which have a sales-promoting effect. When your menu is displayed, customers are more likely to have an enhanced appetite or a want to purchase more.

Enhance first impressions

Rather than merely setting paper or card menus on your tables, using menu holders and menu covers can significantly impact your restaurant’s initial impressions. These goods have a professional appearance and feel, and by presenting your menus properly, you may improve client perceptions of your service. If your business provides formal dining, you should display your menus in high-quality holders and covers.

Increase brand recognition

Similarly to how you use your brand colours and logo on your menus, you can customise your menu holders and covers to match. This is an excellent method for increasing brand recognition and fostering client loyalty. Customers will immediately be presented with your message if you advertise your menus with unique products. With various goods to pick from and customisation possibilities, finding the ideal solution for your company is simple.

Understanding the benefits of menu holders will help you know how best to utilise them strategically for your business. Menu Holders available at Smart Hospitality Supplies

There are different menu holders used in the hospitality industry. At Smart Hospitality Supplies, we have an extensive products available in different sizes and colours to make your business a success. Let’s see a few

Acrylic Menu Holders

Acrylic standing menu holders are intended for tabletop displays. They are ideal for presenting limited edition deals and specials, particularly for lunchtime menus, special limited offers, and public messaging, such as using sanitiser before dining. In some situations, these menu holders also allow you to inform consumers about new bargains and discounts and new ways to pay for food.

Grip or Clip Menu Holders

Grip or clip menu holders are intended to hold cards or laminated menus firmly, making it easier for customers to take them from their holders to look at and read over them before deciding on their orders. It’s a great method to keep customers entertained while considering what to order or waiting for their food.

Because the menus are continuously pulled out and pushed back into the holder before and after usage, they can soon become worn out. When having the menus printed, it is recommended that they be printed on something long-lasting, durable, and of good quality so that they do not get destroyed easily and last for a long time before needing a replacement.

Triangle Table Top

This attractive menu holder has three sides to look at. This solution allows you to present three distinct product or promotional offerings components on standard-sized printed sheets.

Metal Menu Holders

The design of this menu holder can vary. Menu holders, menu stands, and even a menu cover may be developed and built for your venue using metal and stainless steel. Our metal materials (including metal-look materials) are durable and popular for tabletop display products.

The mechanism in this style of menu holder can range from a simple tabletop clip or block that holds the lower edge of your printed paper to a simple portrait stainless steel stand to view menus in a portrait or landscape orientation, to a full frame solution, similar to a picture frame with a foot, making it a free-standing solution.

Curved Metal Menu Holders

Curved Metal Menu Holders are manufactured from durable metals, such as steel, to provide a durable yet economical way for restaurants to display their menus and special offers. They have a curved appearance which makes them lovely for viewing.

Wooden Menu Holders with Chalkboards

This type of Menu Holder is an attractive kind made from wood, specifically dark oak, to bring out the beauty of the chalk that will be written on it. The dark oak wood used to make this table holder will present a chalkboard front which can be used to display your restaurant’s offers.

Wooden Menu Holders

Wooden menu holders are made from natural wood materials so that colours may differ from one to the next—however, many of these menu holders stock products at affordable prices. Because wood is such a diverse medium for holding your menus, the choices for displaying your content are virtually limitless.

Menu Holders for Sale – Smart Hospitality Supplies

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that menu holders can be useful; if you don’t already have some, it’s worth investing in. At Smart Hospitality Solutions, we have a fantastic range of menu holders for sale at great prices that will help you leave a lasting impression on your consumers, and we are widely known for our high-quality products.

We can also customise your menu holders. So contact us with the details, and let’s help you out. For more ideas on Menu Holders for Restaurants – click here

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