Menu Holders

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Wooden Crate Retail and Menu Holder
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From £21.95
Wooden Block - Menu Holder
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Plain Metal - Menu Holders
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Numbered Metal - Menu Holders
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Grip Metal Menu Holders
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Curved Metal Menu Holders - Black
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Acrylic Base Menu Holders
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Oval Base Menu Holders
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T-Stand Acrylic Menu Holders
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Triangle Table Top Menu Holders

  • Triangle top menu holders
  • 3 dimensional
  • Different materials available
  • ...from Bonded Leather to Croc-effect
  • Choose from 3 frames

Duo Plastic Menu Covers

  • Popular clear PVC menus
  • 440 micron rigid clear PVC
  • Nylon or leatherette trim
  • Extra flap for drinks/desserts
  • Number of colours available

Framed Plastic Menu Covers

  • Strong & flexible clear menus
  • Thickest PVC in UK market
  • 440 micron rigid clear PVC
  • Choose between nylon or leatherette trim
  • Number of colours available
Clip Acrylic - Menu Holders
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From £11.85
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Menu Holders

Smart Hospitality Supplies have a huge range of table top menu holder products manufactured from acrylic, real wood, leather and more. With such a wide range, we aim to assist you in getting the right product for your restaurant and hospitality venue. The information below will allow you to understand the different types of products available and what type of venue they are best suited to.



This will typically allow you to insert your printed material inside the holder, very much like a protective sleeve. This type of product, is often referred to in the industry as a menu cover, it is a durable product that is easy to take care of and keep clean. These type of products makes it fast and easy to change your material, which is an essential feature in a busy environment where the menu is subject to change on a daily or weekly basis.

Triangle Table Top

This stylish product has 3 sides to view. You can utilise this solution to display 3 separate parts of your product or promotional offers on standard sized printed material. The actual frame element of the menu holder will typically be manufactured from one of our vast range of materials.


This style of product can vary greatly; the metal material is robust and hardwearing and normally is manufactured from aluminium. The actual mechanism can range from a simple table top clip or block that simply holds the lower edge of your printed material, or it can be a full frame solution, similar to a picture frame with a foot, making it a free-standing solution. Many of our metal menu holders can be personalised and printed with your own logo and brand, most of the range can also incorporate table number identification, thus creating 2 products for your restaurant or venue.


Our range of wooden products are as versatile and large as the metal range, with as many different holding options and finishes. Because wood is such a versatile material the possibilities are endless. However, our standard ranges of wooden menu holders include several that have a blackboard feature, allowing you to write on the product. Other options are a simple block that acts as a freestanding foot on the table and a larger option that will hold several products. We can manufacture and finish many wooden table-top products to create for you a full range of wooden accessories for your restaurant or venue.


Acrylic table-top products are a popular choice throughout the industry as they are cost effective, hard wearing and easy to keep clean. Our range of acrylic menu holder products are manufactured from the very highest quality acrylic material. Several acrylic products are available from Smart Hospitality supplies, most of which act as a simple and unobtrusive freestanding foot to clamp your printed menu material and stand it in the centre of the table. The range also includes a full picture frame solution, in which you slide your menus inside and an acrylic holder solution, that uses magnets as a fixing method. This is the simplest way to change your products and promotions daily. We are constantly designing, testing, manufacturing and expanding our innovative range of products to consistently offer the very best products at all times.