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Smart Menu Covers Featuring in Upcoming James Bond, 007 Film

Where do you turn when you are looking for elegant menus for a five star hotel set in a James Bond film? The beautiful Menu Covers from Smart UK, of course.

Several Smart menu covers will be featured in the upcoming James Bond film “Spectre,” which is showing in theatres now. Menu covers, are you ready for your close up?

The designers of the film wanted something very traditional and luxurious for a scene set in a five star hotel – the impeccably stylish type of place where 007 feels right at home. They chose several menu covers and guest information folders to create the look. Smart Hospitality is very proud to have their products included in this exciting and action-packed new Bond film.

Creating a Glamorous Fictional World

Details are important when creating an accurate and believable environment for a film. Every object in a scene adds to the creation of a fictional world – and the world of James Bond is a very glamorous and luxurious one. 007 is not the type to stay in a budget hostel, after all!

The beautiful Vivella Guest Room Folders designed by Smart Hospitality are stylishly made with paper over board. The menus use top quality materials and they have their own unique textures. As a result, they look simply gorgeous.

The Pinewood Studio designers for the film also chose Vivella Material Covered Tissue Boxes to further add to the elegant and refined details of the hotel. Bonded Leather Menus were also used in restaurant scenes, to create a very high end look. The Vivella products used were in shades of grey and the Bonded Leather products were burgundy.

Several other Smart Hospitality products were also used in the film, including the Vivella Room Service Menu, the Vivella Bespoke Conference Mat and the Bonded Leather Bill Presenter. These products were chosen because they conveyed the look that Pinewood Studios wanted to achieve – a high end five star hotel that is very traditional and sophisticated.

Keep your eyes peeled during the hotel scenes when you are watching the new Bond film and see if you can spot the Smart Hospitality products that were used. “Spectre” will be released on the 6th of November, 2015… so mark your calendars!

24th Bond Film Will Be Filmed in London, Rome and Mexico City

Production of the film began in December at Pinewood Studios in London. The latest instalment in the adventures of 007 will take place in a number of glamorous locations around the world, including a ski resort in the Austrian Alps, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, the Ponte Sisto Bridge in Rome and many other locations in Morocco and Mexico City. The film was pushed back two months from the original October 2014 planned filming start, but fans are now excited as production is underway.

According to Barbara Broccoli, the movie franchise producer, the budget for Spectre will be larger than for the previous film, Skyfall. That’s quite impressive, as Skyfall cost around $200 million to produce.

The Next Part of the James Bond Story

In the new Bond Film, James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) receives a strange message from his past. He follows the clues on a quest to figure out the secrets of a sinister organisation -“Spectre” – which has been a part of the Bond franchise ever since Dr. No. Meanwhile, M battles political forces that are attempting to shut down the British secret service.

This will be the 4th Bond film for Daniel Craig and Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes will be reprising their roles as Q, Moneypenny and E respectively. Rory Kinnear will also be appearing in the film in his role as Bill Tanner.

The story will undoubtedly lead viewers through car chases, shoot-outs, clever escapes, romantic escapades with gorgeous women and plenty of glamorous locations. After all, that’s what James Bond is all about.

Menus Chosen by Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios is well known as the home of the James Bond film franchise, as well as the Carry On films, the Harry Potter series and Superman. They chose to use the Smart Hospitality menus in the film as they felt that the luxurious appearance and superior craftsmanship conveyed the ideal image of the setting they were trying to create.

Smart Hospitality is honoured that their products were chosen to be used in the James Bond film franchise – an entertainment venture that has become a British icon and an important part of popular culture.

If you are looking for menu covers and other products that will give your business that touch of secret agent glamour, visit the Smart Hospitality Website and see the many elegant designs they have to offer. Hey, if it’s glamorous enough for the world’s most famous secret agent…