Are Blueberries on your Restaurant Menu?

Saturated in antioxidants and noted for their many health benefits, blueberries have exploded in popularity on the food scene in recent years.

Linked to anti-ageing, cancer fighting and macular degeneration prevention (loss of central vision), it is obvious that this super fruit is beneficial to all, urging many health officials to promote their consumption.

Not only do they aid healthy digestion due to their fibre content, but they also help with weight loss. Fibrous Blueberries act as bulking agents in the digestive system and can help create a sense of fullness, in order to reduce appetite or allow you to feel fuller for longer, lowering your calorie intake. Furthermore, laden with vitamins C, A, B6, to say the least, blueberries function as preventatives for heart and blood problems, as well as cancerous tumours.

By adding this well adored fruit to your menus, your customers can revel in their many health benefits and the health-conscious consumer can eat your deserts, breakfasts and perhaps even starter’s guilt free. By dropping them in to your salads, pancakes or compotes, you can ensure your customers happiness as they absorb their many health benefits.

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