Benefits of Menu Covers

To create a good impression for your restaurant guests, it is important to ensure that all aspects of their visit meet a high standard. To add to the pull factor of your restaurant and to add a delicate touch of bespoke to your venue, menu covers can be the perfect solution. On a practical and economic note, menu covers protect your menu sheets, therefore preserving them for longer. Alongside this, menu covers can be easily cleaned and so will radiate a clean and healthy environment for your guests.
Benefits of Menu Covers to create

Available in an array of colours, sizes and materials, menu covers can be a unique, yet subtle, way to sell your products. If your menu looks great, your food will sound great. Moreover, with the ability to choose what is displayed on your covers, whether you want artwork, lettering or both, the limitless options can fit with even the most unique restaurant designs.

Benefits of Menu Covers available in an 

Giving your guests something to hold allows them to connect more with your menu. Tangible objects with various colours and textures can engage the brain. Notably, the colour red is thought to trigger appetites. To create a relaxing atmosphere you may want to choose soothing colours such as beige, olive, light pink and even turquoise blue. However, if you want your covers to match your venue, this is achievable too with over 100 colours and materials to choose from.

Benefits of Menu Covers last

Furthermore, a well designed, presentable menu cover reflects on a restaurants attention to detail and promotes the idea that the focus is orientated on the customer’s experience. Your bespoke menu covers can be the talking point of your guests. At Smart, our expansive material and colour selection allows you free reign on your design and what’s more, we can manufacture matching Bill Presenters and Guest Room Folders to keep in with your theme. With step by step guidance from one of our friendly team members, you can start designing your perfect menu covers today!