Does Your Restaurant Have a Good Taste in Music?

As a restaurateur, it is important to convey the correct image and atmosphere to secure future visits from first time diners.

Of course, aspects such as food, customer service and decor are the imperative factors considered by many consumers whilst trying out new restaurants. However, is there any conscious thought given to the music played in restaurants and how this can affect atmosphere and consumer choice?


Does Your Restaurant Have a Good Taste in Music classic 

Featured in the 2003 journal of Environment and Behaviour, Adrian North and colleagues surveyed the correlation between the genres of music played in restaurants and how much the diners spent. The study discovered that diners contemplated spending, and physically spent, a higher amount of money whilst listening to classical music compared to other genres of music. From this, we might suggest that playing slow tempo classical music might exude a sophisticated, high class atmosphere, opening a gateway for positive changes in consumer behaviour. Classical music, and its influence on consumer behaviour can set the mood for your diners to spend a larger amount whilst dining, therefore making it ideal for a fine dining restaurant.


Does Your Restaurant Have a Good Taste in Music pop 

Although popular music, for most of us, makes up a large part of our everyday musical listening, it isn’t particularly heralded as having a positive impact on diners. In the aforementioned study, it was contemplated that the playing of popular chart music had a smaller impact on consumer’s willingness to pay than if the venue were to play no music at all. If your restaurant is a fine dining venue, the upbeat tempo of popular music can have an adverse affect on those diners hoping for an upmarket, relaxed experience.


Does Your Restaurant Have a Good Taste in Music jazz 

Psychologist Charles Areni notes that consumers are aware of the classical musical tactics restaurateurs use to encourage spending. In fact, he expresses that playing jazz may pose as a subtle alternative to classical music. Jazz not only enables your venue to exude a sophisticated atmosphere, it also allows your restaurant to not be restricted to just one style of music.


Does Your Restaurant Have a Good Taste in Music playlist 

It is important to note that music is subjective. If the target customer base for your fine dining restaurant is the older population, Classical Music may be the perfect solution. If you aim your brand to a younger target audience and wish to exude a more relaxed atmosphere, you will have some leeway in your music choices.

If you are considering making changes to your restaurant in order to improve your sales or create a bigger pull factor to your customers, perhaps the solution may be as simple as changing your dinnertime playlists.

Article written by Smart Hospitality, experts in Hospitality Marketing