How to Achieve Father’s Day Success in Your Restaurant

Alongside Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day is a great way for the restaurant industry to optimise sales and expand its client base. Take a look at our hospitality pointers to ensure your venue is busy and bustling on the 19th June. 

Integrate Special Offers & Giveaways

integrate special offers for fathers day

There are countless offer ideas to choose from, but it is important not to choose unprofitable promotions as you may risk losing money. Why not derive deals from your best sellers to boost interest? But don’t forget to direct your offers toward Fathers – after all, it is their day. Implement ‘Free Drinks for Dad’ giveaways or even ‘Dads go Free’, the gesture will not only be appreciated but it will definitely guarantee more families and drive more business.

Publicise Your Offers on Social Media

publicise offers on social media

A technique advised by everyone in the hospitality business – if you don’t advertise your offers across a social media platform, who apart from your regular customers will hear about them? In today’s techno-centred world, advertisements are best promoted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Why not go that one step further by hosting a competition on social media? Offering a free drink, dessert or main for one lucky Dad could boost guest numbers and also improve your social presence.

Encourage Reservations & Plan Ahead

encourage reservations in your venue

Promote reservations to plan a swift and easy service but do allow for some walk-ins to avoid missing out on no show-ers. Plugging reservations can also drive people to choose your venue, for the fear of missing out on your great Father’s day deals. Furthermore, by having an equal spread of reservations you can prepare enough covers, drink and ingredients to ensure everybody is contented and not left waiting.

Prepare for Children

prepare your venue for children

Finally it is important to note that with Fathers come children. It sounds obvious, but it is true and many venues are often unprepared for how to accommodate children in their venues. Noisy, disruptive children may slow down service and ruin ambient atmospheres so ensure that you tackle this from the word go. Open up your garden if you have one to avoid children running around the restaurant floor; Use Framed Plastic Menus to display your children’s food selections; Ensure baby changing facilities are accessible and easy to access; or perhaps even prepare special areas where children can enjoy quiet activities such as drawing or making Father’s day cards.

If you follow these tips, you could achieve success alongside improving and expanding your client base. Happy Father’s Day!