Mobile Responsive Web Design for The Merchant Tea and Coffee Company

Here at the Smart Marketing Group we offer Mobile Responsive Web Design services so that you can create a beautiful, functional and streamlined website to promote your business. Whether you are a hotel, a tour operator, a venue or any other hospitality and leisure business – we can put together the ideal website for your needs.

The Merchant Tea and Coffee Company, an independent family run business, is a Hertfordshire based company specialising in some of the world’s finest teas and coffees.  The client came to us for the complete service of logo and branding, plus a bespoke, e-commerce website.

The Smart Marketing Group designed a high quality brand and website that fully reflects the products and services offered by The Merchant Tea and Coffee Company, allowing them to provide information about their products, and also the ability to sell their products online.

A Well Designed Mobile Responsive Website

The website that we have crafted for The Merchant Tea and Coffee Company is clean and simple, with a design that is straightforward and easy to navigate. This makes it easy for any visitor to find the information that they are looking and browse products to purchase.

The website is also fully mobile responsive, which means that it has a unique design when viewed on mobile that is different than the desktop design. This makes it easier for customers to browse the shop and purchase products while they are on their smart phones or tablets. More people are starting to use their mobile devices on the go and to shop, so by having a website like this the client can take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile.

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View the website here:

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