Repeat Global Hospitality Business with Buddha Bar

We are happy to announce that the nightlife chain Buddha Bar has placed another large scale order with us for menu covers. This club has locations all over the world, including in Europe and Asia. They have selected our menu covers for their trendy and chic style, which complements the hip Asian influenced décor.

The particular menu cover that was chosen is one of Smart Hospitality’s favourites – the Forest Menu Cover. It is so sleek and stylish, yet simplistic. It is bound within a beautiful luxury patterned material, which has a similar look to the pattern in a tree trunk (hence the name “Forest”). There are a number of attractive earthy colours to choose from and the cover can be personalised with text, logo and image. The Forest Menu cover looks great in any modern establishment and it can also fit into a traditional timeless venue as well due it its subtle and unobtrusive colour range.

Receiving an order from Buddha Bar is exciting, since this chic and stylish bar is a worldwide chain. We have received orders from all over the globe and we have delivered to Prague, Azerbajan, Paris and Monte Carlo. These stylish Forest Menu Covers are the ideal choice for Buddha Bar venues all over the world.


Buddha Bar – A Chic Hangout Spot

The first Buddha Bar was created in Paris in 1996, located in the hip neighbourhood of Faubourg St. Honore. It was founded by Raymong Visan, who gathered information from numerous trips included visits to California. He launched Buddha Bar, which quickly became a popular place to see and be seen in Paris.

Its décor is glamorous and cinematic, covering a 1,000 square meter surface area. It is a large setting, with three levels that are built around an enormous Buddha that towers nearly 4 meters high. The bar itself is designed in the shape of a dragon, with dazzling green jade and red scales. It offers secluded alcove lounges and cosy spots, where you can enjoy a quiet drink.

The bar has been around for almost two decades and it has continued to grow. These days there are Buddha Bar locations found in over 25 countries, as well as hotels, spas, restaurants, beauty product lines and much more.

The exciting menu at the bar includes a number of signature dishes which include Spicy Tuna tartare, Peking Duck with candied fruit and even traditional New York cheesecake. It has a Pacific-Rim theme, yet also features California and European influences. The menu is created by Eric Rousselières, who is the executive chef of the group. He renews the menu every fall and spring, so that it can reflect the products that are fresh with each season. The focus of the menu is on subtle flavours and fresh spices and many of the dishes are designed to be shared. There is also a menu of over 200 wines to choose from as well as Soshu, sake and Champagne.


Buddha Bar Around the World

The Buddha Bar concept is exciting, chic and stylish, so it has been very popular in a number of locations around the world. Since the first Buddha Bar opened in Paris nearly 20 years ago, several other locations have sprung up.

The Buddha Bar in London was opened in 2012, near Hyde Park and the famous Harrods. Buddha Bar Tbilisi is located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River in the capital of Georgia and it features a gorgeous double spiral staircase. Buddha Bar Dubai is located at the heart of the Marina and it offers three luxurious areas, complete with stunning views of the Persian Gulf. The Buddha Bar in Prague is small and intimate, yet just as luxurious as any other location. A beautiful black-lacquered Buddha overlooks the dining room.

These are just a few examples, as there are many other Buddha Bar locations around the world, including in Budapest, Montecarlo, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev and Manila – and the list is still growing!


Buddha Bar is a very chic and stylish bar, so it gives us great pleasure to announce that our stylish menu covers are to be used in a number of their locations around the world. Next time you are enjoying the nightlife at a luxurious and opulent Buddha Bar in Paris, Prague, Monte Carlo or another glamorous location – take a look at the elegant and well-made menu cover you hold in your hand!