RMS Will Showcase New “Hospitality Cloud” at AAHOA Convention

Attendees of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) conference will get a chance to see a new ePOS solution designed by RMS Hospitality Solutions, known as “The Hospitality Cloud”. The AAHOA annual convention will take place from April 22-25 at the Long Beach California Convention and Entertainment Centre. During this event this new suite of cloud-based technology solutions will be revealed and the two key elements of The Hospitality Cloud – a newly rebranded sPOS solution and the RMS9 PMS – will be on display in Booth #664.


This is one of the first hospitality software products to embrace the power of cloud-based computing, using it to host a fully-featured web-based property management system. According to Todd Sabo, the President and General Manager of RMS North America, The Hospitality Cloud will introduce “a new cloud-based, touchscreen point of sale solution.”

“We are eager to meet with AAHOA members to unveil our new ePOS solution and explain to them the importance of migrating all core on-premise technologies to the cloud,” Sabo said. This new technology has a lot of potential to change the way business is done in the hospitality industry, so its launch is a very exciting announcement.

About the Convention

The AAHOA Annual Convention and Trade Show is considered the voice of owners in the Asiam American hospitality industry. It was founded in 1989 and it is one of the fastest growing organisations in the industry, with more than 11,000 members. The event has a little bit of something for everyone, including esteemed guest speakers, educations programs, shopping, top-notch entertainment, exciting Bollywood performances and authentic Indian cuisine. This exciting event is one of the biggest of the year within the industry, so it should not be missed!

How Does it Work?

The Hospitality Cloud is a set of web-based modules that can be used independently or together in order to manage any hospitality business. The technology includes a property management system that allows operators to improve their management efficiencies and increase their bookings. There is also a streamlined point of sale system, a channel management system and a booking engine that works in real time and is synchronised to the CMS to prevent double bookings. It also offers a guest marketing features that will generate text messages and emails for campaigns based on pre-defined rules.

The technology will include digital menu boards, customer facing display screens, kitchen video screens and integrated cameras for security. The system will also support tablets and smartphones, which will allow for remote self-service ordering by guests. There will be an integrated online store where customers can place their order. Also, companies using this product will be able to see web reports that are ideal for managing franchise businesses or multi-venue properties. The Business Intelligence feature will analyse guest preferences and buying behaviours in order to predict future data. The program also features a Tour Desk, which allows a hotel to partner with local attractions and gain revenues via ticket sales.

By placing this technology into The Cloud, RMS is allowing businesses to run their property management, guest marketing, channel management, point of sale, business intelligence, tour desk and other systems without having to rely on IT infrastructure or hardware. If the hotel suffers from a computer failure, they will not lose all of their records. They will simply need to access the cloud from a different computer. This will ensure that the system is up and operational on a reliable basis.

RMS Offers Large Scale Property Solutions

RMS is a company that has been creating and supporting business information systems since 1985. The company was one of the first software companies in the Hospitality Industry to embrace cloud computing and it is still one of the only ones to offer a web-based full-featured property management system.


There are already more than 4,000 properties in 25 different countries all over the world that are relying on RMS for their property solutions. 60% of these properties are now fully operating via The Hospitality Cloud. This new technology allows customers to choose the elements that they need to run their property – including yield management, business intelligence, channel management online bookings, property management and much more. It is a step forward in the future of hospitality management and it will offer a lot of advantages to businesses all over the world.