Smart Guest Room Folders Featured on Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector

The first episode of the new series of Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector aired last week and it featured Talland Bay Hotel, a beautiful seaside retreat in Cornwall. In the episode, the inspector is helping a Cornwall hotel called The Fieldhead, as they are in need of a modernisation and are not getting enough bookings. They have an overly complex booking system and it is slowing them down when it comes to getting things done.

In order to show the staff at The Fieldhead how it’s done, Alex Polizzi the hotel inspector takes them to The Talland Bay Hotel. They have an excellent booking system and superb customer service, which allows them to operate very smoothly and provide the best possible experience for their guests. The staff of The Fieldhead learn a lot from the Talland Bay Hotel about how to improve their hotel’s operations.

This episode is very entertaining and it really shows the difference between a hotel that is doing things right and a hotel that really needs to improve in order to be able to compete. We have a connection to the Talland Bay Hotel, as they have ordered their Guest Room Folders from Smart Hospitality.


The Hotel Inspector – An Honest Look at Struggling Hotels

The Hotel Inspector is a documentary television series on Channel 5, featuring businesswoman and hotelier Alex Polizzi. She has over 20 years of experience working the world’s most luxurious hotels. An expert in running a successful hotel, she travels to a different part of the UK every episode and visits a struggling hotel. She identifies the problems that the owner is having and she offers suggestions to solve them. The show is incredibly popular and when it began in September of 2005 it was an instant hit – attracting 2.5 million viewers. Ruth Watson was the hotel inspector for the first 3 series, then Polizzi took over the role.

The hotels usually have major issues with cleanliness, service, policies and management and Polizzi often has to give them quite honest and sometimes even brutal feedback. She will also often show the hoteliers similarly priced nearby hotels that are much more successful, in order to show them how things should be done. Then, Polizzi will offer the hotel owners a bit of help, such as a room refurbishment or new branding – in order to give their hotel a boost and help them to succeed. It makes for pretty gripping television and it gives an interesting insight into the successes and failings of the hotel industry.

Guest Folders for the Talland Bay Hotel

Alex Polizzi looks at the small details of a hotel as well as the big picture, in order to identify when a hotel is doing things right and when they have room to improve. A hotel such as the Talland Bay Hotel is a great example. This establishment has clean, contemporary rooms that make the best of a beautiful sea view and the customer service they provide is top notch.


One of the small details that the Talland Bay Hotel offers are the guest room folders. The Talland Bay Hotel uses these guest folders to offer information for their guests about hotel amenities as well as attractions in the local area. This is a special touch that adds to the guest experience and makes the hotel much more luxurious.

At Smart Hospitality we have created guest folders for the Talland Bay Hotel and we are proud to be associated with this excellent Cornwall establishment. The hotel have chosen the luxurious Lizard Pellaq Guest Room Folders – a stylish choice that complements the stylish and modern décor of their rooms. These folders are also available in three other reptile patterns – Croco, Glean and Mallory.


If you choose to order one of these top quality guest room folders, you will be able to create a totally bespoke look that suits your hotel. You can choose the colours, reptile pattern, size, fixing mechanism, artwork methods and pockets depending on your own specifications. There are even optional corner protectors and padding available. Having your guest room folders in luxurious covers only adds to the look and feel of a guest information sheet and makes this in-room feature more professional presented and long lasting.

To learn more about our guest room covers or any of the other products we have to offer, feel free to visit the Smart Hospitality Website at any time or call us on 0845 226 0266.