Smart Marketing Supplies Guest Rooms Folders for New Forest Hotels

The New Forest is a national park in the UK, stretching across the county of Hampshire on the Southern Coast and covering more than 90,000 acres. This beautiful park is made up of ancient woods, meandering streams and picturesque villages and it’s the perfect place to relax and retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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New Forest Hotels is a hotel group that includes several luxurious hotels in this region, including the Moorhill House Hotel, the Forest Lodge Hotel, Bartley Lodge Hotel and Beaulieu Hotel. These hotels are all different, but what they have in common is top notch facilities, beautiful style and superb customer service.

We are proud to announce that we work with the entire group of New Forest Hotels and they have ordered our Guest Room Folders for their hotel properties. The folders that the New Forest Hotels Group orders are the Minister Guest Room Folders, which are one of our most beautiful designs. These sturdy folders come in three different styles and there are several options for customising them.

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They also come with the option for gold or silver corners, adding an extra quality touch. The beautiful folders are subtle and stylish and they add a lot of class and charm to the décor of the hotels. Presenting guest room information in a stylish folder is one of those little finishing touches that make a luxury hotel stand out from the rest.

A Selection of Stylish Hotels

Whether you are looking for a romantic hideaway in the forest, a country house hotel, a forest retreat or a contemporary town house you will find the perfect place for your getaway with New Forest Hotels. Each of the properties that the group has to offer has its own character and charm. They are all ideal for conferences, business meetings and weddings – offering beautiful interior spaces and top notch amenities. The hotels all have their own personality, so you will need to choose the hotel that suits you the best.

Bartley Lodge Hotel – Classic Country

This hotel in Cadnam has a classic country feeling to it, located at the end of a quiet meandering drive. It was originally constructed as a New Forest hunting lodge and it is a warm and welcoming spot to relax. It is rumoured that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous author of the Sherlock Holmes novels, spent a little bit of time here while writing his books!

Beaulieu Hotel – a Peaceful Forest Retreat

If you want to find peace and quiet and appreciate the beauty of the forest, stay at this tranquil retreat. It is located within open heathlands and offers stunning panoramic views of the national park. There is a heated swimming pool and a steam room, as well as beautiful landscaped gardens where you can watch the sun go down while sipping a glass of wine.

Best Western Forest Lodge – Contemporary Town Hotel

If you are looking for a chic and stylish hotel with excellent modern facilities, check out the Best Western Forest Lodge. It is located in Lyndhurst and it oozes charm and decadence. Have a drink at the chic Forest bar or enjoy a meal at the sophisticated Glasshouse restaurant. You can also enjoy a dip in the tranquil swimming pool.

Moorhill House Hotel – Quiet Village Hideaway

If you want to escape from the big crazy city and enjoy some peace and quiet for a while, you can visit the peaceful and elegant Moorhill House Hotel. It is located at the end of a long drive through tranquil woodlands and it is tucked away in the cool shade of the trees. This hotel, located near Burley, offers a traditional English lawn where you can play badminton or croquet as well as an elegantly landscaped garden. The hotel’s restaurant offers gourmet meals made from local ingredients.

These are the four hotels in the New Forest Hotels group – each one with its own unique charm and characteristics. If you are looking for a place for a relaxing holiday in the UK, why not spend some time in these peaceful retreats? While you are there, take note of the elegant Guest Room Folders supplied by Smart Hospitality. To learn more about how we can create custom guest room folders, menu covers and other products for your business please feel free to contact us today.