The Best Restaurant Promotions for Mother’s Day

It is estimated that in the UK alone, we spend around £1.4 billion every year on mother’s day cards, flowers, gifts and services. This includes dining out. It is an essential day for not only getting a share of the additional spending, but to show your restaurant off to a host of new customers that, if you are successful, will continue to come back throughout the rest of the year. So, what are the best ways to entice new custom on the most profitable day of the year for the hospitality industry?

mothers day offer

Special Menu

Mother’s Day is supposed to show our mothers how special they are to us whilst for restaurants, it is a chance to gain extra revenue. The first thing a restaurant should consider is a special limited menu for the day. Placing a ‘Special Mother’s Day Menu’ in a prominent menu holder at the centre of the table will also attract a lot of attention, which will give your guests a lot to talk about and give your frequent diners something different to try.

People are much more inclined to make a purchase when they know that something won’t be around for very long. Adding limited edition drinks and dishes to your menu  may allow you to capitalise on the special occasion by testing a product that you’ve been considering putting on your main menu anyway.

Donation for Mums

mothers day charity

A donation is something a bit different that only has positive spins. It makes your business look good, it’s an attractive prospect to your customers, it helps a genuine cause and you will feel better for it. Donating a sum to charity for each mum that is treated to a meal in your restaurant, or a percentage of every meal ordered on the day, to a specified charity will be an irresistible offer (and something different than your competitors are doing!)

Choosing a charity that is topical for the day – such as Breast Cancer Now, or Rainbow Trust – are likely to be something that most families will feel compelled to donate to. Offering a donation jar on your bar top or on the way out of your venue might raise some additional funds for the charity in question. This will allow you to promote your business before the event and then reveal the final balance after, further cementing your business within the community spirit.

Free Return Meal For Mum

Thinking beyond Mother’s Day itself allows you to make the most of the larger audience that you will be receiving to entice them back another day. Offering a free meal on return for the mothers makes for an attractive proposition on the day for diners whilst also securing future profits for your business. The next time that the family goes out for a meal, your voucher will be a big pull.

For an extra buzz, invite your diners to take a selfie of them with their mothers in your restaurant to win their free return voucher. This will give you valuable online exposure whilst also profiting from the other guests that the mum returns with.