The Rum Revolution: Profiting From a Trend

The rum revolution is in full stride and took 2017 by storm. With many independent distillers now extending the possibilities of rum, just like they did with gin, the popularity of rum is only set to rise over the next year at least. You can choose from light rum, gold rum, dark rum, spiced rum, the list is endless. With intricate flavour profiles to each type of rum, consumers are clambering to try every type to find the perfect rum for them.

The versatility of rum means that you can drink it neat, on the rocks or even making intricate cocktails with them. So how can you drink your rum properly and enhance the flavours that you are getting? It’s time to brush up your knowledge on the word that will be on everybody’s lips in 2018.

rum barrels


Although there are no hard and fast rules as to what drinks must or mustn’t be served in which glasses, you can choose glasses that will enhance rum’s flavours and appearance.

Rum Tulip Glass

rum tulip glass

A tulip glass is a perfect choice for rum, especially if served neat, on the rocks or with a small mixer. A tulip glass can be flat based or with a stem depending on your preference. The beauty of these glasses is that you can easily cup them in your hand, warming up the rum and the shape of the glass directs aromas naturally to the nose.

Rum Old Fashioned Glass

rum old fashioned glass

Because sometimes the aromas of rum can be a bit too strong for a tulip or snifter glass, you might opt for an old fashioned or double old fashioned glass. Being quite a wide glass, these also tend to make the consumer cup the glass more than usual, warming up the rum to ideal temperatures.

Old fashioned glasses are widely known for their use for whiskies, but they are perfect for rums too. Their simple design can accentuate the rum’s colour, making for a great look.

Rum Hiball Glass

rum hiball glass

Rum mixers look great in a classic hiball glass. Showing off the colours within and maintaining the rum’s sophistication. The larger size of these glasses mean that you can create a larger cocktail or mixer than you might in the aforementioned glass types.

How To Taste Rum

Being able to taste rum effectively is paramount to getting the most out of each sip, but also for being able to pair it with other ingredients.

Hold Your Rum Glass

Unlike with wine tasting, you can hold your rum glass by the body to warm it up. Room temperature is where you will get the most flavour out of your rum.

Breathe In Slowly

Bring your nose to the rim of the glass and slowly breathe in. Rum has a strong aroma, so taking it in slowly will allow you to get the full body of it without causing a shock to your senses. Sometimes, you may want to take a sniff from far away and then take a closer sniff. This will allow you to understand what the stronger fragrances are and hopefully take the flavour profiles apart.

Take A Sip

The fun part – take a small sip to let your tongue get used to the flavours and let it roll around your tongue. Take note of the creamy tones and anything that you hadn’t picked up during your sniffing. Drinking it down, you will get the final subtle bits of flavour coming back up your nose.

pouring rum

With this information you will be able to create your own cocktails and perfect the art of serving rum. Understanding the flavours of rum and how to get the most out of them will be valuable knowledge with an exciting year for rum ahead.

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