Steelite Blue Dapple Crockery

Our SaleThey say all good things come back around eventually and that’s certainly the case with this enamel look tableware. A household classic with the added benefit of Steelite International lifetime edge chip warranty to provide an up to the minute on trend product.
Protected by Steelite's Made for Life - Lifetime Edge-Chip Warranty.

RRP £142.99
157.5mm (6 1/4"). White with blue rim. Box Quantity: 36.
RRP £123.99
202.5mm (8"). White with blue rim. Box Quantity: 24.
RRP £148.99
230mm (9"). White with blue rim. Box Quantity: 24.
RRP £168.99
255mm (10"). White with blue rim. Box Quantity: 24.
RRP £48.99
227ml. White with blue rim. Pack quantity: 12.
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Used as a simple solution to making tea for many people, teapots make your staffs lives easier whilst also giving off a sharing feel to your customers. Your customers will be able to help themselves to their desired amount of tea or be professionally poured in front of them for an elegant service solution. Great for afternoon tea, but coming in many different sizes and styles, your teapots can lend themselves to a variety of different events.


Bowls are used for a lot of different foods. From breakfast to soup and sauces, they are a great solution for more liquidate dishes. Many different styles of bowls can be purchased, rustic, contemporary or elegant, you will find it in the Smart Hospitality Supplies collection.


Jugs can be used for a multitude of reasons. Milk jugs, gravy jugs, water jugs, and many more solutions. The perfect way of transporting liquids and allowing your guests to help themselves.


Mugs can be used for all sorts of hot beverages and are the most versatile of hot beverage serve ware. Coming in different sizes to suit particular styles of coffees, like lattes, and cappuccinos. Different styles are available to create a range of different ambiences.


Plates are the most widely used item of crockery by far. Different sizes are used for entrées, starters, mains and desserts alike. Depending on what you want to show off in your food will depend on the colours, style and shape that you will go for. Wide rims allow for more white space. Certain colours will accentuate your food in desirable ways. Straight edges will make your customers expect a certain type of food presentation style whereas round plates may lend themselves more to a traditional presentation.