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Chef wear and chef uniforms of the highest quality chosen especially by Smart Hospitality Supplies for the catering industry. Only the most highly rated chef clothing brands have been selected to feature within this range as we know that these are items that need to put up with a lot of usage.

Within our range, we have vented uniforms which allow chefs to remain as cool as possible within a hot kitchen. Along with this, style has been considered. With the likes of Chef Works Urban range, you can ensure that the chef is well presented and comfortable - the perfect way to present themselves to guests. These are perfect for open kitchens or street food vans.

It's not just chef whites, we have many different colours to choose from so that your kitchen can be unique. Choose any colour from purple chefs jackets to red chequered trousers. Check out our chef shop for a full range of chef and kitchen equipment.

When you choose Smart you are able to stock up on your chef clothing and chef uniforms whilst knowing that you are getting the best prices available. This chef wear is also the most trusted on the market. Tried and tested by the majority of the hospitality and catering industry.

Speak to our professional hospitality design team who can help you with much more than just your chef uniforms and chef clothing needs, they can help you design a functional and practical kitchen. Your chefs need the correct equipment in a well designed space to allow them to create the food that your guests love. Our team will guide you through the whole process, explaining what you might need and giving you options on the most suitable items for your needs.