Swibo Wide Blade Chefs Knife 21.5cm - Cooks Knives

Swibo Wide Blade Chefs Knife 21.5cm - Cooks Knives

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Blade Length: 8.5″. Weight: 210g

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Acquired by Victorinox in 2005, Swibo are knife specialists sporting a rich history in manufacturing and boast the highest of credentials. Owned by the firm who gave us the Swiss army knife, Swibo also know the demands of a fast-paced kitchen and offer a wide choice of boning, carving and filleting knives to suit these environments. The iconic yellow handle is easy to identify at a glance, and has become one of the trademark features of these high endurance knives. Boasting ultra-sharp, tempered stainless steel blades, laser-tested to a precise cutting angle, Swibo knives have swiftly become the first choice of professional butchers and fishmongers.