Cleaning Equipment

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At Smart Hospitality Supplies, we specialise in commercial cleaning equipment supplies, especially for hotels, restaurants, and other places where hygiene standards need to be at their very highest. This includes janitorial equipment, kitchen cleaning supplies and industrial cleaning products.

As a part of our wider hospitality cleaning supplies, our cleaning equipment forms the majority of the tools that will make cleaning easier and safer. Items such as rubber gloves, cleaning trolleys, fluffy dusters and anti-bacterial wipes are all valuable pieces of equipment that can ensure that your cleaning and janitorial teams can get the job done faster and more effectively.

As semi disposable items, it is important to your business that you are getting the best deals possible on this type of equipment. As the team at Smart has worked in the hospitality industry at various points in their careers, we understand this fully. That's why we offer unbeatable prices on your cleaning equipment supplies to bring down your bottom line and allow you to invest in furthering your business.