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As restaurant owners, your customers’ experience is essential to the success of your business. To ensure a great dining experience for all guests, one crucial detail that should not be overlooked is the presentation of a menu at each table. 

A Menu holder can provide an attractive and organised way to present food options to diners. They also allow easy access to information about specials, drinks, and desserts, thus providing convenience to both wait staff and restaurants. 

Menu Holders for Tables – Smart Hospitality Supplies

Menu holders come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, so you can choose the right design to fit your restaurant’s décor.

They are also designed with convenience; they allow you to easily switch out your menu when needed without manually placing them on every table or handing them out individually. 

Also, you can further customise your logo or branding colours to enhance your establishment’s customer experience. 

Investing in quality menu holders will ensure that you are providing a great first impression while showcasing all the delicious food options available at your restaurant! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of menu holders for tables and the various types.

Wooden Menu Holder with Chalk Board

£9.98 ex VAT
Pack Size 1
£9.98 ex VAT

Dark oak multi-purpose Menu holder

Dark oak multi-purpose Menu holder

Wooden Base Menu Holder

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Wooden Base Menu Holders. Our wooden menu holder bases are an add a non-intrustive way of adding a rustic feel

Benefits of Using a Menu Holder

Menu holders offer an excellent way for restaurants and other hospitality businesses to present their menus, specials, and other items to customers. Below are some of the benefits of a menu holder on your tables.

Easy to Use

They are designed to be easy to use and can be placed on tables quickly and easily. This makes them ideal for busy restaurants, cafes, or other establishments that need to update their menus regularly.


With a menu holder, your menu items will become more visible and noticeable to customers, as they will stand out better against the table surface than a printed menu. A table menu holder could help you increase sales of specific dishes or drinks as customers may be more likely to order what catches their eye first! 


Most table menu holders are made from durable materials such as plastic or acrylic, so they won’t get damaged easily, even with regular handling.

Help Create a Tidy Environment

A table menu holder can help create a tidy and organised dining space. Having all the menus in one place eliminates clutter on the table and allows customers to easily find what they are looking for. 

Easy Update of Menu Items

This also provide an easy way to update menu items quickly. If you have seasonal specials or new dishes, change out the menu cards without having to reprint large stacks of paper menus every time there is an update. 

Great Promotional Tool

Table menu holders can be used as promotional tools by displaying special offers or discounts at each table, making them more likely to be seen by customers. This helps encourage people to take advantage of these deals while they dine in your restaurant. 

Easy Accessibility

Customers can easily access to your menu without asking a server or waitstaff for assistance. By keeping your menu readily visible and accessible, customers can quickly decide what they want to order and reduce wait times at the restaurant.

Types of Table Menu Holders

Table menu holders come in various styles and materials, giving you many options for finding one that fits your restaurant’s design aesthetic.

They can also be purchased with additional features, such as menu stands or clips, for added convenience and functionality.

Also, table menu holders are designed with durability in mind, so you can rest assured knowing they will last through years of use without needing replacement. 

Metal Menu Holders

Made from durable metal, these table menu holders are typically used in restaurants and other establishments that need a more industrial look. They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different menus. 

This style of menu holder can have different mechanisms, including a clip or block that rests on a table and secures the bottom edge of your printed paper, a portrait stainless steel stand that can display your menu in either portrait or landscape orientation, or a full frame solution that resembles a picture frame but has a foot and thus can stand on its own.

Acrylic Menu Holders

These lightweight yet sturdy table menu holders are made from a transparent acrylic material, perfect for highlighting the contents. Depending on the establishment’s needs, Acrylic Menu Holders can be customised with logos or text. 

Wooden Menu Holders

A classic choice for many dining places, wooden menu holders offer a timeless look that never goes out of style. Available in several finishes, these holders can be engraved with logos or text for a more personalised touch.

Although the colours of the various holders may vary slightly because they are all made from real wood, they are all reasonably priced and readily accessible from our stock.

T-stand Acrylic Menu Holders

These double-sided menu holders have T-shaped bases that allow them to rest comfortably on a table. Since the bases of these menu holders are wide, you can slip your menu into either the side or the bottom. 

Wooden Block Menu Holders

The Wooden Block Menu Holder is also composed of wood but does not have a chalkboard face. The menu holder’s wood is carved so that there is a little gap between the pieces that can be utilised to display the restaurant’s special offers. 

For those looking to add a unique touch to their menu, a fabric-covered menu holder is the way to go! They are available in several patterns and textures.

Acrylic Single-Sided Menu Holders Landscape

The construction of this particular type of menu holder is wonderful; it produces a warm and understandable graphic display that will help customers understand what you are presenting. They are constructed of acrylic and are simple to set down on a table. The impact resistance and ease of changing your menu anytime are some of the benefits of acrylic single-sided menu holders.

Final Thought

Menu holders help to free up your table, leaving enough space for customers to enjoy their meals and drinks. This is especially beneficial in restaurants with limited space.

Regardless of the restaurant size, investing in quality made top menu holders is an excellent way to ensure that customers have quick access to the menu while creating a stylish atmosphere.

So if you want high-quality table menu holders, then you check Smart Hospitality Supplies is the place to be

Our table top display holders are made from premium materials such as acacia wood and steel, and we are certain that they will last through multiple uses. They are sold singly or in pack quantity 10 or 20.

They come in an extensive range of styles and sizes to suit any restaurant or hospitality business’s needs; from classic wooden designs to sleek modern acrylic with wooden frames, there is something for everyone.

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