A Fine Wine List Cover For A Fine Wine Menu…

A Fine Wine List Cover For A Fine Wine Menu… - Smart Hospitality Supplies

If you’re looking for wine list cover inspiration then simply follow the link to our online portfolio.

However, if you want a few trade tips on how to open, decant and serve your fabulous wines first then why not pour yourself a cheeky glass and read on…

It’s all about the temperature.

As a fine wine connoisseurs, you should already know that temperature is important. You must serve white wines at an absolute maximum of 11 degrees centigrade. In fact, the cooler you can serve your sparkling white wines, the better.For reds, keep them to a maximum of 18 degrees centigrade and try and serve them to room temperature if you can. This may mean leaving them in a certain room over a period of time so that they reach the desired degrees centigrade.White or red, you should never over-chill your more expensive wines as this really is pure sacrilege!

Let it Breathe.

When you have pulled out the cork, try to refrain from serving it immediately to your guests, even if this entails leaving the bottle on their table unpoured for several minutes. The reason for this is that the wine really needs to interact with the air as this helps the aromas develop and slowly eases out the gentle flavours.You could even let the time fly as you discuss this with your guests; if they know their wine then they will be impressed with your knowledge!

Slowly and carefully wins the race…

Be sure to pour your guests’ wine slowly into their glasses from the bottle or decanter. Merely let it trickle out gently: never shake or stir it. This also enables the wine to interact with the air, providing a more flavoursome experience. These three tips may sound pretty simple, but even the best of us can sometimes forget. Just remember the enjoyment of drinking fine wines, it’s all about taking it slow and savouring every intense, delicious flavour.

Now back to the presentation… don’t forget to visit our photograph gallery to see what our customers have been up to recently. Every fine wine list deserves a fine presentation folder to house it in after-all.