Are Pop Up Restaurants Still Cool?

The start of the noughties saw an innovative style of eatery introduced to the culinary world: The Pop Up.

Are Pop Up Restaurants Still Cool

Being admired by both budding new chefs and foodies for their niche style, there was no doubt that pop up mania would explode into society, and with a bang. However, after over ten years on the scene, are these temporary culinary delights still here to stay?


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Pop ups allow businesses to constantly reinvent themselves, giving them the freedom to be limitless in ideas and pull factors, which sets them apart from traditional restaurants. Furthermore, the novelty of pop up restaurants can also allow individuals to be experimental with their food and explore multiple niche styles, granting the public a chance to test the waters before contemplating investing in a firm idea.


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Marked as the cheaper alternative to owning a long standing restaurant, Pop Up restaurants can be a no-strings attached approach to owning a food business, allowing for less monetary issues such as bankruptcy and debt. With less rent to pay and the ability to hire out crockery, cutlery and other utensils, you will not feel tied down. Some argue that funding for these has proven difficult, but with the help of websites such as, prospective chefs can submit their Pop Up ideas in the hope that various foodies, backers and investors will support their pitch financially.


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What’s more, Pop Ups can allow experimental chefs and restaurateurs’ to build notoriety in the public without spending the amount required for a permanent restaurant, proving beneficial if one is in mind for the future. With the aid of social media, a vital aspect to any business owners marketing scheme in today’s world, Pop Ups can quickly reach out to the public and spread awareness of their temporary food outlet through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, some argue that Pop Ups are often over-hyped and by the time reviews are shared, the event has ended. Therefore, the accuracy and timing of your advertising and marketing is essential.


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Existing in such a fast paced industry where fads and styles fade out quickly, are pop ups a strong enough concept to be longstanding? Having been around for over ten years, you would think so! They show no sign of slowing down, particularly in cities creeping onto the food scene such as Newcastle, Leeds and Sheffield. However, as the fast paced nature of the food industry takes no prisoners, Pop-ups, like many other food trends, can run the risk of being lost in the past.

Standing as a cheaper alternative to a permanent restaurant and allowing chefs to try out new food ideas and test the waters, their pros almost outweigh their cons. Considering the fast paced, ever changing food industry, it would make sense to note that pop-ups can almost fit in with this notion, with their ever changing styles and flexibility to fit in with any new trends.